Tuesday, February 27, 2024

There may be new geopolitics in the Middle East

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Dr Imtiaz Ahmed said I think there are many reasons for the massive attacks that have started between Palestine and Israel

International analyst Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed said that the sudden start of counter-attacks between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas may be related to the change in geopolitics in the Middle East due to the presence of China. When asked to comment on this attack, he said this to our daily on Saturday.

Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed said, I think there are many reasons for the massive attacks that have started between Palestine and Israel. First is Israel’s domestic politics. Dissatisfaction with the ruling group is being observed within Israel. Now the ruling group wants to convince the people of the country by attacking Palestine, now is the time of war against the enemy outside, not the time of internal division. Through this they try to mitigate the discontent against them within the country.

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The second thing that I think works is that America gives Israel a lot of money. Now through these wars Israel wants to prove that they need more financial support. The financial assistance that America is giving now should not decrease.

The third is China’s rise in Middle East politics. In particular, China played a role in establishing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which the US did not take well. America will also see what action China will take now. If China takes the side of Hamas, it will be discussed.

Dr. Imtiaz said, there may be some kind of geopolitics behind this attack. I think there are three things to look at here. Israel’s domestic politics, America’s financing and arming issues, and the third is whether the geopolitical changes that are being observed in the Middle East are being halted.

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