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Home Remedies to Remove Tooth Stains

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Many people use various over the counter products to remove tooth stains

We all desire to have beautiful teeth. But many times due to lack of care or many other reasons, stains can occur on the teeth. Because of those stains, the beauty of the teeth is lost. Sometimes it can be harmful to dental health. Many people use various over-the-counter products to remove tooth stains. But it can increase tooth loss. So it is best to use home ingredients in this case.

Let’s know the home remedies to remove tooth stains-

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Using baking soda with toothpaste
Do you use toothpaste to brush your teeth every day? In this case, mix a little baking soda with the paste. Because baking soda is very effective not only in cooking but also in cleaning teeth. If you brush your teeth regularly like this, it won’t take long for the teeth to become shiny. Along with that, tooth stains will also be removed. If you brush your teeth like this twice a day, you will get benefits quickly.

Lemon and baking soda
Another effective ingredient in dental care can be lemon and baking soda. For that, equal amount of lemon juice and baking soda should be mixed. Then brush your teeth with that mixture. If you use it like this, the stains on the teeth will be removed, and the teeth will be more shiny. Besides, dental health will also be good. So keep an eye on this.

Salt and oil
Salt not only preserves the taste of food, it also serves many other purposes. Do you gargle with salt-water if your throat hurts? And the practice of brushing teeth with salt is also very old. Because many beneficial ingredients in salt work to keep teeth healthy. Also brushing the teeth with salt cleans it well. If you mix a little mustard oil with it, you will get more benefits. So you can brush your teeth with equal amount of mustard oil and salt. It will remove the tooth stains soon.

Everyone has potatoes at home. Many people make some kind of potato in their daily cooking. It is a nutritious vegetable as well as beneficial. This is not the end, but potatoes have many other uses. It plays an important role especially in cosmetic work. It is also useful to remove stains from the teeth and brighten the teeth. Potatoes contain natural bleaching agents, which help in this task.

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