Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Life is a wonder!

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Jasim Mallick

Everyone wants to win. No one wants to be defeated. Neither side wants to lose on the field of play. Everyone wants to be first in the race. But not everyone is first. Either one is first or one side wins. A party comes to power in elections too. Only one MP, Chairman or Member from a constituency. So it is in all areas of life. Many people play lotto but very few people win.

Many people get paid while going to the casino and many people bring their pockets full. The same is true at the gambling table. Many write but not all receive awards. Sometimes I watch reality shows. Saregamapa or Indian Idol. What a wonderful competition. It seems to reward everyone. But not so. In the end only one was first. These are the rules of the competition. Who knows who made this rule! Everyone wants to be first but not everyone is first. Lakh becomes one of the contestants. So the competition does not stop. That’s the rule. This is a competitive world.

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I think it is not right to want to win all the time in life. Sometimes you have to lose. Defeat has to be accepted, accepted with heart. Should be defeated even if desired. As I am defeated every moment in the world. The desire to win that lies in defeat must be awakened. The mentality of always being ahead is not right. Competition is not always good. Jealousy increases, the mentality of violence is created, the relationship is strained.

The joy of winning is understood because there is pain in defeat. Without suffering, the feeling of happiness could not be understood. Not everyone can be happy. Sadness is the same. Unknowingly came and attacked. I like daylight because there is night. The soft light of the moon bewitches because the sun is hot. Because there is separation, there is a longing for union. There is laughter because there are tears. There should be freedom to laugh as there should be freedom to cry. Because there is joy in receiving, there is pain in losing. Health seems blessed because there is sickness.

life is a race There is no uninterrupted happiness, no sorrow. Neither winning nor losing. Life is very mysterious. There is a surprise hidden behind it!!

Toronto January 6, 2024

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