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how is this leave!

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Often seen at Concord Furniture Vasal was always a very cheerful friend

Assad is gone! It doesn’t make any sense. It is not the age to leave! Have to leave so soon! Does anyone leave a daughter like two flowers, a loving wife and countless loved ones! I have known Asad for almost thirty years. Asad was young at that time. handsome Students did politics. Dhaka’s Shyamoli used to come to the office often. Chatted with me. Then one day I can go to Canada.

Often seen at Concord Furniture. Vasal was always a very cheerful friend. was a dreamer was a risk taker. Seen life simply. Sadness did not touch. My brother always told me to leave the goat job. No one could become anything by working. do business

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What could he do if he was in the country? House, car, bank balance. I saw with my own eyes. But did nothing. I used to say, not everyone can do everything. Not everyone has everything. Asad was last seen a few months ago at an event in Dentonia Park.

By that time the illness had traveled far. A battle with cancer continues at Sunnybrook Hospital. endless fight Had to go to hospital and rehab several times. Chemo was going on. He said to me, see how the fingers have become. No hair on the head.

Bro Como injection is very painful. Must pay for life. But there was no sign of trouble in the eyes. It was a dream to live. dream of the future But the killer cancer did nothing. not at all Finally gone!

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