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The boy from backward village is now a Google program manager

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Rafsan Royal is the eldest child of Asaduzzaman Royal and Rahima Royal of Nivrit Hanuar village of Monirampur Upazila in Jessore

If the goal is unwavering, faith is in the heart, it will be seen, it will be seen in victory – keeping the accuracy of this line, Rafsan Royal, who came from Ajparagaon, is spreading light in the world famous ‘Google’ of modern information technology.

Since childhood, he wanted to work at Google. After many ups and downs and struggles, he got an opportunity to work at Google. Today, he continues to leave his signature in famous organizations like Google. In this continuation, he is gaining the reputation of the organization as well as Bangladesh as a program manager in global affairs at Google.

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Rafsan Royal is the eldest child of Asaduzzaman Royal and Rahima Royal of Nivrit Hanuar village of Monirampur upazila in Jessore. Among the three children of the senior journalist Asaduzzaman, the elder Rafsan was a bright genius from the beginning of his education. He has signed merit at every level of education. Showed merit in SSC examination with scholarship in talent pool in fifth grade. Admitted to the country’s best Dhaka Notre Dame College.

To achieve good results in SSC, admitted BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in International Business at North South University. In addition, he took a job in Rabi to meet the target. He also signed merit in the honors examination in the university. Later, he received a Masters of Science degree in International Commerce and Policy from Valparaiso University in America with a scholarship.

After that, he never looked back. Joined the world famous information technology company Google.

Asaduzzaman Royal, Rafsan’s father, said that he grew up in a culturally oriented family since childhood. Holding his (father’s) hand, he was enthusiastic in various activities including debating, science club. After that, he suffered a bit not getting a chance at the university level. But with their (parents) encouragement, Rafsan managed himself again. A new challenge begins. He had always hoped to one day work in the world’s best organization, Google.

Recently, Rafsan came to the country for a short vacation. This journalist’s son was felicitated on behalf of the Press Club. At this time, Rafsan said, success will come if the goal is unwavering. Today, this organization has given me the opportunity to work in different countries. He got the opportunity to work in the world’s best company like Google, because of his strong self-belief. He prayed to the local residents and the countrymen.

Toronto, Canada

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