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That is why ivory is more expensive than gold

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Many people use ivory products to decorate their homes

Gold is one of the most expensive things in the world. This gold is used for various purposes not only for making jewelry. And it is a readily available object. Gold mines are found in many countries of the world. But you know what? Ivory is more precious than gold.

Many people use ivory products to decorate their homes. He collected these handmade showpieces from different countries of the world. However, since 1989, the sale of ivory has been banned worldwide. Because innocent animals were killed indiscriminately while collecting ivory.

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However, ivory is still sold illegally. Some of which are real, some are fake. Artifacts of ancient India can be understood with a little glance, how fine artefacts were once made from ivory. At one time ivory was one of the signs of wealth in the home. Ivory was one of the symbols of prosperity not only in India, but all over the world. The royal family of England has an entire horse-drawn carriage made of ivory.

At present, smuggling of ivory is going on through illegal routes. Ivory is sold in the flea market for millions and millions of rupees. According to a recent survey report, the demand for ivory products has been increasing worldwide in the last few years. For which smuggling is also increasing.

China’s middle class has grown financially over the past few years. In China it is considered auspicious to keep things made of ivory in the house. Moreover, ivory is also a sign of wealth in Chinese culture. That is why it is known that the demand for ivory has suddenly increased in the international market.

Even if you pay lakhs of rupees, many people think that buying ivory is a ‘good investment’. Because it is rare and long lasting. So the artisanal, historical value of objects made of ivory cannot be denied.

The price of ivory also fluctuates wildly The prices of ivory items can range from Tk 20,000 to Tk 1 lakh. The price of hand teeth per kilogram can be up to 5 lakh taka.

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