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Text to Music — a new revolution is coming to the music world!

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a new revolution is coming to the music world

The researchers of the American technology giant Google have developed a novel artificial intelligence or artificial intelligence program. With its help, music can be created from any text. These musics will be one to one and a half minutes long.

A whistling or humming tune can also be changed to other musical instruments using artificial intelligence.

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But this is the first time music will be made from writing. Some Google researchers have published a research paper titled ‘MusicLM, Generating Music from Text’ about their new research. The entire model is named ‘MusicLM’. But it is not open to public right now.
Can’t play anything using it for now. Google researchers, however, have included some sample research papers on their respective websites.

However, whatever they are, Indian media ANI has mentioned them as quite shocking. Because this new technology of Google has created a music of about 30 seconds from the description of a paragraph.

Surprisingly, it sounds just like the actual song.

The new technology, called MusicLM, can also mimic human voices. But this is not the first such move. But MusicLM has rich database. This database contains 280 thousand hours of music.

This new program of Google has been created with its help. Google researchers are still working. Innovations are constantly being brought. So that you can create good quality music from any text. When this new feature will be open to the public, Google researchers have not said anything about it yet.
Source: The Verge

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