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Test of Love

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The family made it clear to Lan that there was no way he could dream about Nguyen

The family made it clear to Lan that there was no way he could dream about Nguyen. The brother began to make fun of Dastur Nguyen’s disabilities. For Lan, the matter was simply too much to bear. He was angry, stubborn, excited, and immediately called Nguyen. Meanwhile, Nguyen was eating dinner with his family. At that time, the cell phone did not come anymore, everyone in the house was eating at the table, when some land phones rang, Nuyen ran to answer the phone without letting anyone go. He is very quick to answer the phone these days. For the night before going to sleep, his pranabhoma will say goodnight to him!

Nguyen ran hurriedly with fork in hand. On other days, normally the LAN crackles from the other side as soon as the phone is received. Today, Nuyen felt a little restless when he picked up the phone without hearing the sound of laughter like the tide of the dammed river. Did something happen? Has anyone said anything to his ghosts? Nuyen’s chest began to throb. He said in a restless voice, ‘Lan, are you okay? what happened to you Is everything okay? Tell me the gold is mine!

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The lan flows like a stream of water. All the anger-stubbornness-accumulated on the brother rises up and uproots it in an instant. On the average, he said what his brother said to him today. Adds, ‘You’ll never see me again.’ Alas – that one sentence turned Nuyen’s life into darkness. Took away Nuyen’s sight forever.

Already Rogchata Nuyen’s insistence is always too much, every word Lan says to him takes another dimension. A single sentence spoken by Lan echoed hundreds of times in his ear-holes. A schizophrenic patient, Nuyen’s ears kept ringing loudly, ‘You’ll never see me again.’ Nuyen screamed, ‘No…no…no…’! In a fit of rage, he screams ‘no…no…’ at the unseen voice, at one point throwing kill-punches into the void, punch after punch to the wall. It was as if Nuen felt no pain in her body, but was only fighting with an unseen enemy. In a hurry, the lamp didn’t even turn on when he answered the phone. In the dark room, he screamed in excitement as he fought an unknown enemy.

On the other hand, in the dining room, the news is being read loudly on the TV. Did not get to know anything, householders. As he punched the wall in anger, breaking every bone in his wrist, the enemy inside his head growled, laughing louder. At some point it becomes too much. “If I don’t see Lan, I don’t want to see anything else in my life,” she protested. He said, hitting his right eye with a fork. The eye loses its vision in an instant with the power of the nuen, full of the energy of youth, and the sharpness of a fork. He could not understand what was going to happen as he could still see in his left eye. He began to hit both eyes full force, after punching a few times, the world suddenly became dark. He began to feel a warm liquid running down his eyes. Suddenly he regained his composure. But then there is nothing left to do. He was very scared and started shouting ‘Mom-mom-‘. As soon as the news ended, the father immediately turned off the TV.

Hearing Nguyen’s screams, everyone ran upstairs, where the land phone was kept. As darkness fell, everyone suddenly turned on the light and woke up together. What are they looking at? The room- walls- full of blood, the flood of blood is rolling down the two eyes of Nuyen. They quickly called nine-one-one and called an ambulance and ran to the hospital together. Upon arrival at the emergency, Nguyen was taken to the operation theatre. After about three hours of trying, the doctor solemnly came and told the family that Nguyen would never see again. However, after some treatment, his hands may recover.

Since then, Nuyen’s life without light began. When he regained consciousness, Nguyen shouted, ‘Lan, where are you, why can’t I see anything? How can I see you?’ Nuyen’s mother could not control herself anymore. He shouted, ‘You did this for that witch.

What did you do to yourself? How will you live? You blinded yourself because of a girl? You will never see that! Dad, what did you do? The nurses came and took Nuyen’s mother away from the post-operative room. Baba started to look at the dimly shining stars in the distant sky. The only star of his life, his only son is in the hospital today with vision loss. The sisters just burst into tears. It’s like a new moon has descended on their family.

Nguyen had to stay in the hospital for about a month. He did not understand how it happened. Meanwhile, after several days of Nuyen not going to college, Lan came to Nuyen’s house one day, restless. “Read the gardener’s neck!” Nuyen’s mother returned home from the hospital immediately. The four of them take turns staying at the hospital near Nguyen. Hospital doctors, nurses, all alarmed at Nguyen’s feat, sent word to a psychiatrist. After Nguyen’s initial interview, Nguyen’s psychiatrist told him that he would be given several medications to help reduce anxiety, but that the psychotropic medications would take some time to start working. Therefore, until further orders, he should not be left alone in any way. Inevitably, someone takes turns sitting next to Nguyen every day despite their own jobs.

However, when Lan arrives just as Ma enters the house, Ma bursts into rage.

Lan: Anti, will you call Nguyen?

If there is a mother, I will call!

Lan: You mean no? He did not even come to college!

Mom, what do you want? Will my son not be freed from your hand until he runs out of breath?

Lan: Tell him what happened! I came to meet him.

So Lan sat on the sofa and continued to shake his legs. He said, ‘You never give me coffee, will you give me some coffee today? Of course, if Nuen was at home, I wouldn’t have to say it myself, by now he would have brought the coffee himself. Well, where is he? It never takes so long! Does he not know that I have come? But even if I don’t inform him, he sniffs the smell and comes, saying, does he get the smell of my body from another country? What happened to him today? Well, you don’t need coffee, please call him!

Having said so much in one go, Lan stopped. By now he was surprised to notice that Nguyen’s mother was actually making coffee. But with no response to his words, Lan’s patience broke. He started walking restlessly. Started shouting, ‘Nuyen, I’m here. what are you doing Are you angry with me? When we had a little talk on the phone, then there is no news! You know, after that night, to forget you, all the brothers planned to take me on a tour to Mexico the next day. No matter how much I wanted, he never let me go to the phone shop to call you. Don’t get angry, Lakshiti, see, the brothers are actually wrong. I went out for a walk, a long-time wish has been fulfilled without asking, but by saying that, I haven’t forgotten you! Look, your LAN has come right to you. Will you still be sitting quietly at home, or will you come once?

This time he did not want to wait. He ran to the upper room. Nguyen had taken her to his room several times, so she knew the layout of the room well. As he reached the top step of the stairs, he felt a little stiff. This was the moment Nguyen’s mother had been waiting for. (to be continued…)

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