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Our new generation in technology

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You dont go to India to understand where the Indian new generation has reached in terms of education and science and technology you have to come to Europe and America

You don’t go to India to understand where the Indian new generation has reached in terms of education and science and technology, you have to come to Europe and America. What talent! What hard work! In addition to honesty and integrity, they are unrivaled in all aspects, irresistible! can be thought

Anurag, a black South Indian young man with an engineering background in soft war technology, came to Canada to study and stayed at my house, driving an Uber at night and going to classes during the day. Ah, the boy was working hard!! Anurag now holds a top position in a world-renowned IT company earning two hundred thousand dollars a year, owns a huge house in Mississauga. Thousands of talented Indian students graduates like Anurag are now in great demand in USA Canada. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, followed suit. Or from the head of Microsoft to the medical services of the US and Canada, IT is Indian and Indian everywhere. ‘In a broad sense’ we are also the people of Bangladesh, a fragmented part of greater India, where are we today? Today, another fragmented part of India, Pakistan, where are they?

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My respect and congratulations to the 1,000 scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) who successfully launched a mission named Chandrayaan-3 to the moon today and established India at an infinite height on earth. I congratulate the 54 women scientists associated with this mission and Mrs. Ritu Karidhal, a woman scientist who heads the entire mission. Let women win, let women move forward. In 2019, India sent Chandrayaan-2 to the moon but the rover could not make a soft landing after going within 200 meters of the lunar surface only due to a minor software error, causing the rover to crash. At that time the anti-Indians made a lot of jokes about this. They said Bamun’s hobby was to go to the moon again. But in just four years, they succeeded in the successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 on the lunar surface and told the whole world that brown skinned people have also reached close to white people in terms of intelligence.

‘Chandrayaan-3’s success is the success of all mankind, the success of humanity’ Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this message to the people of the world from the BRICS conference in South Africa. He may be Hindu but I think he is very modern in thought and philosophy. As the prime minister, he is the chief executive who sets the policy for space research, and that is why he has given the task of the mission to Ritu Karidhal, a woman scientist who received the best scientist award from this organization in 2007, in recognition of Indian women. Before India, the United States, Soviet Union, and China went to the moon. But this successful mission of India as the fourth country is different for many reasons. First of all, they reached the moon in a long month and seven days after orbiting the earth through countless rotations using centrifugal force or swing technology. It took only 615 crore rupees.

It may take more time, but no one has been able to go to the lunar surface so cheaply before. And that’s why NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said in his response that we need to learn from India. In the future, India has discovered a way to send spacecraft to the moon at a very low cost. Secondly no one has landed on the south pole of the moon till date, the south pole of the moon has frozen water. Now if it can be confirmed from Chandrayaan-3 that it is possible to use this water to sustain the life of animals, then a way for human and other animals to live or travel on the moon in the future is clear, India can discover that new information. The anti-Indian people are saying many things by being jealous of this success of India, they are saying what is the benefit of people in this campaign, except to show the political dominance of Narendra Modi? No sir, as an ex-scientist I think this research will be of human welfare, will open the way for human alternative ecology in the future, valuable mineral oil and gas of the moon will ensure our economic development, establishing a base station on the moon will provide security of the country at low cost, will be a way for tourism. . Your frivolous anti-India and hatred cannot even pluck the fur of India’s private parts. You will only feel the itch and say nauzbillah, India will move ahead with science and technology.

I started with the excellence of Indian education. Why they are superior, why we are sinking, is the main reason of our educated and uneducated classes of crazy bigotry, blind faith in supernatural powers, malice. There is bigotry in India too, they have worshiped Chandrayaan in Kolkata, Uttar Pradesh today with the knowledge of God, before sending Chandrayaan they wrote Jai Sri Ram on Chandrayaan, but they also know that Lord Rama does not have the power to send Chandrayaan to the moon, only scientists can do it. That is, like the religious Jews of Israel, they also go to synagogues, temples, mosques to pray for technological development, but do not mix religion and science together. Even though they are doctors, they do not say that Darwin’s theory is false, that Adam and Eve are their first parents, and that the hand book of Earth science is the holy book where everything is written.

They think of Borak Horse as a turtle but know that it is not possible to go to space without the use of Newton’s laws. In their country, like the umbrella of the frog in Bangladesh, there are no madrasahs, miraculous supernatural imaginary educational institutions, where you have to become a beggar. When India sent a spacecraft to the moon at a cost of only 615 crore rupees, a model mosque was built at a cost of 9 thousand 435 crore rupees in Bangladesh. What is strange! If one hundred science education institutes could be opened in Bangladesh with this money, then many scientists like Abdul Kalam Azad, S. Somnath, Ritu Karidhal, good doctors and good engineers would have been produced in our country as well. Assam Chief Minister Hemant Biswa Sharma said that is why I destroyed 1700 madrasas in my province with bulldozers and built a science education school there, because I want to make Muslim children doctors and engineers. So that they find a better life, study in Madrasa so that they don’t have to be beggars, don’t have to become militants. As a responsible Chief Minister I want to create an eco system in my province where all Hindus Muslims can find their livelihood to live well as human beings.

Scarborough, Canada

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