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Seema and her mother’s Eid

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Seema and her mother they had no one else in this world

Seema and her mother, they had no one else in this world. Where did the two of them come from, how did they take shelter in the shade of an unripe mango tree at this abandoned launch ghat in Patuakhali town, in a broken 3 feet by 3 feet shophouse with no sheds, rotting wood of Patatan.

The age of the girl is probably 4 years and the mother is 22 or 25. Leaving the girl in this shelter, the mother goes to work, and the girl sits by the side of the house and plays with everything she can find, such as clay, sand, and tin pots. Thus once fell asleep on the ground. Mother works hard all day with a tired body, sometimes she gets some food and sometimes she is empty handed. When back at the dera, the girl, sometimes asleep or engrossed in play, would rush to her mother’s lap when she called Seema from a distance.

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Mother would forget the tiredness of the whole day with him in her arms. While mother and daughter were talking together, they sat with their legs spread out on the river bank, mother would wash off the mud from Seema’s Adul’s body, and she would show hypocritical anger that Seema would not put mud on her body like this again, mother would not clean her body anymore, she would be covered with mud. – Must live with soil. This time of mother-daughter was the happiest.

And there was in the afternoon when mothers and daughters would go out to find abandoned tins, wood, coarse cloth etc. for their house and build their broken cottage little by little every day. Seema and her mother were very happy together. They seem to be quite happy. But on the first day of Baisakh, the mother and daughter were walking around the fair with everyone in the afternoon – how many things – dolls, horses, horses, pots, pots, Seema wanted to take everything and the mother told her that one day I will play all these to you, Kinna Dimu, Kaindo Na. Kante Kante fell asleep after a while. Mother and daughter return to their Dera.

There were some clothes in their room, someone had given them away because they had become soft, so they ate and slept peacefully. A sudden storm, the leaves of the coconut tree and some old clothes on top of the dilapidated shop may have been able to save from the sun, but what is the ability of this defense system to ignore the Kal-Baishakhi storm, both the mother and daughter were soaked and soaked, the mother did not know what to do. How to save a piece of his collar today? Where to go, the wind is strong, lightning is falling with the sound of lightning. Running with her daughter in her arms, she took shelter in the open verandah of the house that was the playground. Many such people had already taken refuge in that balcony. There were also some lovely dogs and several goats. When the mother came running, not forgetting to bring along the bundle of clothes, mostly wet, she wiped her head with a torn piece of towel, and she happily started playing with the kids.

Early the next morning, mother saw her house in disrepair, not a bit dismayed, the rice of the house was the leaves of the coconut tree, some clothes that had been blown away by the storm and spread them out in the sun. No fatigue.

Seeing this helpless situation of the mother and daughter, there was a Chukani in the launch which was a barrier for DC Saheb. And with a thick rope, he tied the whole shop to the tree. Seema’s mother’s tears of happiness no longer stop. From that day Seema got an uncle. He then goes freely to the launch where uncle is staying, uncle cooks, he sits and tells stories about the daughter he has in Noakhali, similar to Seema, this time he didn’t get leave on Eid, another young helper is getting married so he sent him on leave, more. How many stories.

A few days later when Eid al-Adha comes, uncle goes to the country to his family.

Seema had a lot of friends then, they were also homeless, vagabonds, they also had no father but only mother, mothers worked all day at home, or gave water to shops in the market. They have no relationship with Seema’s mother, she goes back to her own self and tells her daughter not to mix with other children, mother says I will send you to school, and keep the code. Limits do not understand what is the problem, what is the school? Will I get a lot of food if I go there? So it’s fun, he will take his companions too.

One morning, mother wakes up and says to Seema, Aizaka Eid, Begumsab says, I will give Gostar Salun and rice, you will not go to Kolam Kohan. Seema nodded and agreed.

All of a sudden Seema’s friends came running very happy and said, Let’s go to get meat, Seema forgets what mother is saying to him? Seeing the limit, almost everyone, young and old, children compete like running, running in groups to see who will go first. Seema also reached the bank of the river with that group, there were people and people. A man like a prince came out from inside the house. Several people came and said, everyone sat in a line. A little far away, he saw the mountain range of Gosat and thought, when he will give this meat to his mother. was doing He sat in line, hot sun on his head, how long he sat there is no count.

An old man passed a piece of banana leaf in front of everyone. Wait again, this time I didn’t have to wait any longer, suddenly a man like Rajputtur came forward to give 2 pieces of meat and a note with a picture of a deer of 2 rupees on a banana leaf placed in front of everyone with a big pot of meat behind him. A piece of beef is given with a 2 rupee note. Seemar Khushi and see who. He runs with that meat. When he came home, one of his mother’s aunts gave him a hard shell, so that his mother would cook the meat, keep the meat and dabdab Kaira would look at him and think how much he would care for his mother’s eyes.

Seema’s mother, Jahan Kaj-Kam Saira Begum Saber, brings the meat salun and rice, and Aisa sees that Maia is bringing her meat, she angrily throws the meat on the road, and by the side of the fence, how long will she go to beat the dal of the pen. To do charity? Seema shouted and how many more jamu na amare miro na, but mother’s anger did not subside.

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