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Respect for law

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A few years ago I saw a video of a small class in a school in a developed country

A few years ago I saw a video of a small class in a school in a developed country. Among the small children is a pregnant woman wrapped in cloth, a bent old man holding a stick, a sick man, coughing and wheezing. A part of the classroom has been converted into a passenger bus.

There, little boys and girls are sitting in their respective seats. The pregnant woman boarded the bus, immediately a passenger left the seat and stood up. Then, the stooped old man boarded the bus. A student stood up from the place. Then one of the sick people left the seat and stood behind. In the class bus, there is nothing to hold on to, yet pretending to stand. I was fascinated watching the video. Everyone’s acting was so good and so spontaneous. They will grow up and leave the place.

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I came to Canada for the first time. One day I was going somewhere by bus. There are some priority seats at the front of the bus for elderly and sick passengers. Everyone can sit in these seats but the elderly or sick people have to give up their space. All the seats in the bus are full. A Bengali gentleman is sitting next to me in the priority seat.

At one stop an elderly Bengali woman got up. I was a bit distracted, so I didn’t see him get up. He was probably still at the door. I saw a young white girl sitting next to me, aged eighteen or nineteen, left her seat and stood up. The girl got up at the previous stop. He did not even wait to see if the woman took the seat he had left. Whether a woman needs his seat.

The old woman sat down on the vacated seat. The Bengali gentleman is sitting quietly in the priority seat. I am also sitting. A white Canadian gave up the seat to a Bengali woman and we two Bengalis sat occupying the priority seat. He bowed his head in shame. Their training probably includes that you have to watch at every stop for an elderly or sick passenger getting through the door. All people are not equal in this country. The opposite also happens many times.

A country does not become civilized overnight. They have far-reaching plans for this. Along with that, there is the cooperation of the educated society. They have respect for the law. There are many laws in this country. After coming to this country, the laws have to be memorized first. Because they have no way to escape from the hands of the police if they do something wrong or wrong. The police of this country cannot be bought.

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