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How to manage stress in 5 minutes

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How to manage stress in 5 minutes

In today’s busy life, stress sometimes becomes an unwelcome companion in our life’s journey. The stress of decision-making, relationships, personal and professional responsibilities can easily overwhelm us. It is easier to control stress if you can identify the factors that can lead to it. If you are also going through such problems, then let’s know how to control stress in five minutes-

1. deep breath
Pay attention to your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths. This method will help your body get more oxygen and relax your mind.

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2. hydration
Many things can happen in our body due to lack of water. Which affects our mood. Dehydration in the body can cause irritability. Stress can also occur. So sipping water at regular intervals will keep you hydrated and relaxed.

3. write down
Put pen to paper and capture what’s on your mind and how it’s stressing you out. This practice of writing will help change your perspective and reduce the chatter going on in your mind.

4. take a walk
Use your body to calm your mind, stretch your arms and legs, change your posture, take a walk. Do not sit in one place for a long time. If you sit in one place for a long time, it also damages the body.

5. speak up
Don’t go through this alone, talk to a good friend. Maybe he is someone from your family, maybe a colleague or a classmate. Open up to someone who understands you better. Tell him what’s going on in your mind. It will ease your mind a lot.

6. Power nap
Rest is very important to function well and be productive. Sometimes a quick and short nap can help you de-stress and regain energy. So take a short power nap to de-stress

7. Spend time in nature
Take a walk in your neighborhood garden or green field. This will remove the restlessness going on in your mind. You will see it back home, it looks very fresh. So you can do this to control stress.

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