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Poster of Rajkumar

After watching the movie Rajkumar, you can realize how much a mother loves her son or how much a son loves his mother when that mother is far away from him, the mother he has not seen for 32 years, he searches like a madman for his mother. This movie is also full of patriotism. A nice plot.

I still couldn’t get out of Rajkumar’s trance, I believe you can’t either, when Shakib is saying something, looking or laughing or drowning in emotions. Shakib’s comedy scene performance will make everyone laugh, Shakib’s emotional performance will make everyone cry, I mean, it was a perfect performance. I will tell those who say Shakib Khan can’t act, watch this movie once. Another good movie has been added to Shakib Khan’s career.

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Locations, music, color grading, cinematography, BGM and every frame is simply amazing. I would say Rajkumar will remain a milestone in Himel Ashraf’s career. Priyatmar has made many good movies. Especially the locations are a treat to the eyes.
Rajkumar gives a chance to a brand new boy who is not Saddam Maal. The movie starts with the comedy part of Enna. The comedy dialogues were excellent. His expressions in comedy scenes will make you laugh. I want to see him regularly as a comedian in movies.

Courtney Coffey was the biggest negative point for this movie. Her acting expression was like a robot only delivering dialogues. As a character, he should have had less time on the screen. But it was good to see him in the movie.

Tarek Anam Khan is nothing new to say about this man. We all know that he is a very strong actor. But his costume beard looks fake to the eyes. The director should have been more careful in this place.
Dilara Zaman, Ahmed Sharif, Dr. The rest of the cast including Ejaz have done very well in their roles.

The location shown in this movie has not been seen in any Bengali movie before, the location was great, the camera work was amazing throughout the movie.

Cinematography, video color was good.

The sound system seems to me to be wrong in some places.

I was disappointed with the song “Aami Ekai Rajkumar” in the movie. Everyone complained about the editing of the song, the extra effects that were in the song were kept when the movie went on. Enjoyable to see in the movie everyone was enjoying. The title song, barbaad song, the interpretation of the movie part with the lyrics were excellent. The best song in this era is probably going to be the song “Maa” which I was listening and looking at the movie screen with mesmerized eyes.

The main attraction of the movie was the surprise role of two popular faces. If I didn’t know about these two people until the moment of watching the movie, I would have been more surprised, or like me, everyone would have been surprised. But before the release of the movie, their names and roles were played. It flushed, they had less play on the screen, but the exastuktu was cracked in time. They have given career best performance in acting.

Now let’s talk about the director, maybe his campaign style is not good, he doesn’t give teasers, trailers, although this should not be the case. Himel Ashraf I will keep him as one of the best directors of this generation. But he can understand the pulse of the audience. Questioning his production The prince has no chance. There is no answer to the making of his movies. Now what I have seen is that Rajkummar will make new history. There have been many trolls about the fact that Himel bhai said that it will make history, but now I feel that this movie will make history, you can definitely go there. You can realize the son’s feelings of love for his mother in addition to demand for money.

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