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Premier Pillai builds connections with Philippines, Indonesia and Japan

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Premier Ranj Pillai met separately with the Consuls General of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan on May 8, 2023, in Vancouver.

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Arlene Magno, the Philippines’ newly confirmed Consul General, was congratulated on her new position by the Premier. Premier Pillai looked into the key industries and skills that the Yukon is looking to attract to fill employment needs and continued discussions on streamlining Filipino immigration to the Yukon.

The gathering with Hendra Halim, Delegate General of Indonesia, based on a conversation that started with the Representative General’s visit to the Yukon before the end of last year. Indonesia’s interest in the Yukon’s mining and technology industries, the attraction of students, economic immigration, and opportunities for Indonesians to share their skills were among the topics discussed.

Kohei Maruyama, the Consul General of Japan, who visited the territory in February also maintained communication. Discussions with Emissary General Maruyama focused on the travel industry, basic minerals, understudy fascination, Icy collaboration and extending the comprehension of the administration and social scenes in the two locales.

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