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Palestinian Canadians worried about relatives in Gaza

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The Israeli military launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip on October 28 Along with that the bombardment also continued

Moad Salim had hoped his father would return to Canada later this month for his son’s birth. But his 66-year-old father is trapped in Gaza, said the London, Ontario resident. It is not possible to know if he is alive or dead there as telephone and internet connection is cut off.

In an interview on October 28, Salim said, “It is disastrous.” It is difficult to focus on anything in this situation. My wife is waiting to give birth. But his whole family is now in Gaza. You must understand how painful it can be.

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The Israeli military launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip on October 28. Along with that, the bombardment also continued. As a result, most of the 2.3 million Gazans are left without telecommunication services. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the nation on October 28. In his speech, he said, this new campaign is a new phase of the war with Hamas.

Salim grew up in Canada. His father is also a Canadian citizen. Salim said his relatives said that nowhere in Gaza is safe now. He feels guilty every time he goes for food and water. Because supplies of essential goods to Gaza have been restricted.

Salim said, sometimes only one bakery is open for the whole neighborhood. But soon after that bakery is bombed and blown up. If you want to take out Hamas, fine. But depriving civilians of a single piece of bread makes no sense to me. I don’t see how that goes with your goal.

Mansoor Sumon, who lived in Canada for more than a decade, obtained Canadian citizenship in 2006 before moving to Gaza three years ago. He said, he has seen Israel’s military aggression with his own eyes. Bombardment without warning.

He said, I think they are doing it without any discrimination. About 70 percent of the wounded and dead I saw were women and children. His family members have taken shelter in an apartment with others. He and his family survived with minor injuries.

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