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Toronto is my Toronto!

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I came to Toronto in 2004 I was in Ottawa for a year before that Like they didnt want to come to Canada at all Similarly Toronto did not want to come from Ottawa

How do I like the city of Toronto? How are the people here? I ask this question often. I don’t do anyone else. I do myself. I talk to myself a lot. Since I have few people to talk to, I talk to myself. I don’t have much to say. I don’t get the words behind the words at all. I stutter when someone attacks me with words. The words are lost. So I probably don’t go where there is talk. In fact, I am a caveman. People talk a lot. likes to say

Talks more about himself. Does not want to listen to others. On the streets, in hotel restaurants, in cinema halls, in living rooms, in lecture halls, in lobbies, in parks, on picnics, in buses, in trains, in planes, in chats, only talk and talk. Who invented the thing! Great things. But mostly Agrum Bagrum. throw away Sometimes one or two weighty words are heard. Then it seems that it is not like Kundul! My words are drowned in the rush of many words. What I say doesn’t get into anybody’s brain. Aritri said one day, mother, you see father talking alone! Jasmin replied, “There is a headache.” Jasmine often doesn’t hear what I say in the room. I got angry then. Jasmine gets even more angry and says, Min Mina, change your attitude.

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But I can explain well in writing. My observation is very good. I often get a premonition of what will happen tomorrow. I got this kind of miraculous imagination from nature. Because of this I have been freed from many incidents in life. I had no idea about Toronto before coming to Canada. I haven’t done any research on Canada. Before coming to Canada, I traveled to Europe and America. But never thought of settling down anywhere. But it’s the opposite of what people think. One day suddenly I came to Canada with my family. Who knows why I chose Canada. Instead of Canada, it could have been America, England or any other country. But destiny brought me to a great country like Canada. As I have done journalism in newspapers like Bichitra or Weekly 2000, I am applying in journalist category. I went to Los Angeles for an interview. And qualify easily. I have never begged anyone for mercy. Even when I had many hard days, I did not reach out to anyone. I could have stayed in America or anywhere else. But thinking of the children did not choose an uncertain life.

When I stepped into this city twenty years ago, I had no big dreams in my eyes. I just want my children to be with me wherever I am. I can’t live without them. It was on my mind that my children would not have to go through the kind of hardships I grew up with. Jasmine has always been a shadow with my struggling life. Never bothered. Didn’t give up. Jasmine never stood in the way of me just wanting to be a writer, never prying into my world. So are my children. They let me be who I am. They are not involved in anything I do. I am also maintaining independence. I did not impose anything. That worked out well for me. Even though I myself am somewhat community based, I have been aware that they should not be touched by anything negative in this world. Jasmine is a very visionary person. He gets a feel for the weather as soon as he steps into Toronto.

I came to Toronto in 2004. I was in Ottawa for a year before that. Like they didn’t want to come to Canada at all. Similarly, Toronto did not want to come from Ottawa. I forced it. Bengali community in Toronto was not that big then. There were not so many organizations, associations, politics, groupings, factions, so many newspapers and television. When I came to Toronto I found a new land. A well organized city. I have seen many cities in the world but Toronto has no comparison. As soon as I step onto the streets of Toronto, I feel like it’s my hometown. Get strength and courage.

This city is second to none. Not dangerous. don’t ignore One can live alone in this city. It is a city that attracts anyone. But the more people you associate with, the more painful life becomes. Everything that is seen in the country is when the one who is not supposed to say what is not supposed to be said, when the one who is not supposed to be when he wants to be, then it becomes difficult to get along with such people. Many good activities are also happening in this city. But there will be good and bad, nothing to be surprised about. Equal freedom for all. You can ignore anyone you want. You can think of yourself as something big if you want. Can advertise as a landlord. You can remove anyone if you want. No one is stopping. But everything depends on people’s education, taste and culture. Academics and family education are huge factors.

Everything in life is an experience. No experience is wasted. People learn from everything. Such is life. I love the city of Toronto. This city has given me a lot. Although I am not involved in anything, I am not a president or secretary, not a stage person. I have no particular desire to stand in front of the mic. I’m not one to read suits and ties in the front seat. I am always a back row person. No one notices me. Big people in the front seats can’t see people in the back. That’s a relief for me. I can’t be easy in front of big people. Is there something between them, which I can’t quite understand. I feel suffocated.

I didn’t sit down with anyone to get anything. Nothing in the world seems inevitable to me. I can’t live without it, I don’t think I can live without it. Life will not be wasted because you will get many things in life. What I got in life is not less. Wasn’t supposed to get that much. I got more people’s love. A little neglect is nothing to love. Even if you don’t apply it on your skin. My book has been on the bestseller list at the Toronto Book Fair for the past fifteen years. This is a big achievement in my life as I want to be a writer. Poet Al Mahmud said, writers should not be too social, it destroys the authorship, I agree.

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