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The aroma of guava

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I recently watched the movie Guava Fragrance starring late veteran actor Ahmed Rubel on the silver screen

I recently watched the movie ‘Guava Fragrance’ starring late veteran actor Ahmed Rubel on the silver screen. Seeing Ahmed Rubel in the movie made me sad. What a wonderful actor we lost! I liked Ahmed Rubel’s character in this movie.

The late actor also gave a good performance. Popular actress Jaya Ahsan has played the title role in Nurul Alam Atiq’s movie. And the famous actor Tariq Anam Khan acted opposite him. Jaya Ahsan and Tariq Anam Khan impressed in the first half of the movie. In the last half, Ahmed Rubel came and froze more. The background of the movie is very beautiful. Cinematography is excellent. Some of the still images are great. There was a variety of locations.

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In this movie, the director has told the story of Subas, that is, a smell. The maker tells the relationship story beautifully. He also explained the negative image of nature. The director Atik has very skillfully portrayed a subject in a great way. Atiq’s own philosophy exists here. His familiar signature is noticed. He gave importance to small things. Many small shots told the story. Which is nice.

Satisfied with the performance. Parikshit acting artists were in the movie. Everyone acted top notch. Jaya Ahsan once again proved how big an artist he is. He sat with a basket of acting in this movie. Tariq Anam Khan is just amazing. The quality of this actor is impeccable. Loved seeing Ahmed Rubel in a mysterious role. Besides, everyone else was the best.

Finally I will say, Guava Subas is a movie with a very simple story. It is not a literal movie. Hope you like the movie.

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