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Never tell your Girlfriend these 3 things

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All lovers love to hear love or praise from the lovers mouth

All lovers love to hear love or praise from the lover’s mouth. So sometimes you have to praise true and false. Whether it’s his beauty or intelligence. But praising, many lovers often say something that actually raises the opposite question instead of winning the lover’s mind. There may be conflict too.

You will open your mind to the lover, but be careful. Don’t tell the face groove that can hurt him or that he can push you to question. So try to appreciate naturally. Your extra praise but can be different in his eyes. Let’s know what to say –

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“You look very nice today.”
When the girlfriend comes in front, don’t start praising him. First, think about how he’ll easily believe and be happy if he tells him. Never tell him that you look very nice today. “If you say that, he will ask, “”Why didn’t it look beautiful for so long?””” Then you won’t find the answer. If you don’t want to be seized, tell him that he looks as beautiful as always. He will return to self-confidence as He will be happy.

Comparison with the ex
Never compare your ex-good or bad, with your lover. Because no woman likes to compare with other women. Especially not with the ex-lover. Besides, when you drag the former context, he will easily understand that you haven’t forgotten the former. So don’t pull comparison with the ex to whatever you feel lucky to have your current lover.

Praise to other women
Every woman likes to hear her praise on others. But they don’t like to hear the praise of other women on the face of their lover. So if you’re excited about someone else’s personality or beauty, it’s better not to tell you in front of your lover. Because once you say it, you may have to withstand punching for the whole life. So avoid this work to keep yourself safe.

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