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Homosexuality and transgender issues

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A transformation that was welcomed by society only forty five or fifty years ago is now considered a crime

There is a stir in the society about the story of Sharif from Sharif. A group of irrational people without reading the article are making noise saying that the country has gone, the religion has gone etc. Another group of educated moderates want to politely say that the third gender can be accepted but transgender? No poet. Although the story of Sharif to Sharif is a very touching human story. Because our socio-economic condition, education, surroundings are not able to give birth to people with humane sense in the society, instead of getting thanks and congratulations, the education board has faced a kind of demonic uproar. Nowhere in this story is there any mention of homosexuality, nor is there any mention of transgender. And if there is a transgender, why would the society become impure? Or will it?

It will be 1976 or 77. A student of Rajshahi University named Abdus Samad felt a strange change in himself one day. The change is both physical and mental. He was hesitant to share this change with his classmates staying in Latif Hall, so he sought the advice of a doctor. The wise doctor performed a small surgery on his body. Bas, Abdus Samad became Hosne Ara Begum. Then Abdus Samad of Latif Hall had to go to Mannujan Hall via Hosne Ara. The incident does not end here, the newly converted Hosne Ara Begum married a classmate wearing red Benarsi with one announcement. A generous friend also accepted her as his wife. The college mates celebrated the unprecedented marriage by singing and dancing. The story of that conversion and marriage became a very amusing and interesting story in the newspapers at that time. We then read the news with great interest. Tried to find follow up news.
No, it was not heard that anyone raised any hate about that conversion or transgender phenomenon. No Mullah of Madrasah University criticized it as an abomination. Of course, there were mullahs in madrasas, but they were very rare in colleges and universities. In other words, this hateful generation of today was not born yet.

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This man in the picture is Abdus Samad of one time and Hosne Ara Begum of the present. No, he is not a joker, he is an academic and a successful entrepreneur. He has taught in Bogra Government College, Mohibur Rahman Women’s College, Kurigram Government College and Joypurhat Government Women’s College. In 1980, she founded a top NGO organization ‘Thengamara Mahila Sabuj Sangh’ (TMSS) in her hometown Bogra with 206 maunds of rice collected by 126 beggars. The wealth of this organization is now enviable. This organization owns TMSS Medical College, Rafatullah Community Hospital, Five Star Mom Inn Hotel, two C&G stations, three petrol pumps, multi-storied flat based real estate business. Fifty lakh people have benefited from this organization through education health and micro finance. From here an entrepreneur can take a maximum loan of 20 lakh rupees. MSS has branches in 64 districts of the country. The number of their office employees is 32000. 12 thousand small and big associations of the country are covered by TMSS.

Hosne Ara received ‘Ashoka Fellowship’ and Begum Rokeya Medal in recognition of his outstanding work. Hosne Ara and Professor Ansar Ali Talukder have a son named M Ali Haider.

Now tell me if Abdus Samad, a young university student, had not taken his wise decision that day, if that humble doctor had not performed his surgery, if Abdus Samad had shared his change with his classmates (of course, even though he did not share it, it was revealed by the way he walked and spoke). What would be the result? Being bullied by his classmates, he may have had to go to the transgender community one day due to anger and shame. And even today she might have spent her life as an aunt of hijras. So the nation would get this great person to change the fate of fifty million people?

If we don’t open our eyes to the shining example of a transgender personality shining sky high in front of our eyes, then we are indeed a failed nation. The responsibility of this failure lies with our governments, because even in fifty years they could not create a humane generation with conscience, compassion and understanding. A transformation which was welcomed by the society only forty five fifty years ago is now considered as a crime. What a huge fall in us! Development of roads, bridges, culverts is not development, human development is the real development and we have failed 100% to create it.”

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