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The benefits that Car customers are forced to take

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When you go to buy a car you are usually offered a warranty rust protection and other equipment You can accept that Cant do it again

When you go to buy a car you are usually offered a warranty, rust protection and other equipment. You can accept that. Can’t do it again.
However, a survey by the non-profit organization Car Help Canada says some dealers are forcing customers to buy aftermarket parts. Dealers refuse to sell car to them if they don’t want to take it.

Many dealerships are driving up costs to consumers by charging extra fees and forcing them to buy accessories they don’t need or want.

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Canadian Car Buyers conducted a survey of 1,500 Canadian adults who had purchased a car within the past two years through the car buying process. 37 percent of new buyers surveyed said they were forced to pay more than the Manufactured Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). This amount is 1 thousand to 10 thousand dollars more than the determined market value.

The benefits customers are forced to avail include extended warranty, paint protection, tinted windows, key fob insurance, rust protection, tire and rim protection and VIN etching. According to survey data, some dealers ask customers to pay money in exchange for these benefits. They don’t sell cars to customers if they don’t agree.

Primack said these fees are kept secret by dealers until the last minute and are shown to customers when presenting the deal. Most dealers put a price in front of you and tell you, either pay this price or stop buying.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic closing factories, supply chain issues and chip shortages, many dealers did not have enough vehicles. This drives up demand and prices of all kinds, new and old.

Decision Point Research Inc. conducted the survey from September 26 to October 18. A total of 1,500 people participated in it. The participants were all Canadian and had bought new cars in the last two years.

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