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Love You

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When a husband devalues his wifes perfectly beautiful love like this

Labani is sitting on an easy chair in the balcony with coffee, Palash has gone to the office.

Labani is actually trying to measure her feelings, it seems to her that her whole body is scarred by intense humiliation.

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Palash has not only insulted him, he is insulting his faith, his family, his child.

When a husband devalues his wife’s perfectly beautiful love like this, there is nothing but intense humiliation. Labani will leave after seeing the end of it.

Palash must be punished, and so must his new boss Rebecca Madam.

Need some information,,,,,Details information,,,, have a lot of time in hand two months. These two months should be done with a cool head.

He thought to himself that I know Palash very well,,,,, I have memorized all his pulse stars, I have to know well about Rebecca madam.

After that her smile came, Oki really knows Palash properly, then this day would never have come,,,, the word divorce would never have been uttered in his family.

What a terrible word divorce,,,,.

After Palash went to the office, he bought two white notebooks with Darwan,,, in one notebook, Palash wrote with a red sign pen, Rebecca wrote in the other.

Labni has a good relationship with Palash’s other colleague Rhea girl, Rhea is very talkative,,,, and talkative but kind. The girl is very fashion conscious, as well as very beautiful.

,But another problem of beautiful girls is that they can’t see other beautiful girls at all.

Riya has to be used properly here.

The phone cannot be given during office hours,,, the phone must be given at other times.

Bua cooks all day long, this is that,,,, children all in all Labni’s day has passed.

As Palash has got permission, he will not come home in such a hurry today, it is to be known.

In the evening Labni called Riya,

Riya how are you?

I think this is good,,, how are you? In fact, I used to call you.

Why hurry me?

In fact, you don’t eat dawat in your house for a long time,,,, the beef khichuri in your hand is still sticking to your mouth. My son-in-law still cannot forget the invitation to your house.

Well, come to our house with your brother when you have time.

Well, I heard that your new madam is very beautiful.

Ish now it seems that the beehive is wearing rocks,,,, Labani thought to herself.

She is not beautiful, she is an old woman,,,, who thinks it is impossible, does not care about anyone,,,, pour most of her income into the parlor, then she will be beautiful.

Hmmm I admit women have personalities.

When I go in front of him, I wonder what happens, I become silent like me.

Then Rhea started talking about Rebecca madam,

At least 50 minutes later the phone left.

Labani smiled and hung up the phone. He did not expect so much,,,, a lot of things have been known,,,,,,, about Rebecca madam.

Labani took out the notebook and wrote.

Name: Rebecca

Post : CEO

Age: Forty five

Incredible personality

Attractive and beautiful woman.

Children: Two children one boy and one girl. The girl is studying in A level, the boy is in class seven.

Husband: A very big businessman. Name Rafiqul Islam. Gives very little time to wife and family. Today, Singapore, tomorrow, Dubai is on such a race.

Rebecca is very strict in the office.

Likes: Gym, swimming,,,, this is similar to Palash. Palash is also very health conscious and does regular gym, swimming occasionally.

Rebecca can drive well and drives herself to the office.

Likes to party,,,,Rebecca is always present at all kinds of official parties.

For now, that much is known.

That day, Palash came back at one o’clock in the morning, Labani opened the door very naturally, asked if you have eaten, Palash said hmm.

Rebecca said that from today I will sleep in the guest room with Babu, so that your privacy will not be lost at night,,,, Can you have sex with Rebecca madam on mobile all night,,,,, Rebecca said the words very naturally,,,,

Then he raised his eyes and saw that Palash was looking at him in surprise. Labani slowly went to the guest room. With a kiss on the forehead of the sleeping child, he laid down next to him. There is a lot of work tomorrow.

The next day at 12 noon, Labni came to an Alisan office in Gulsan, this is the office of Rafiqul Islam Saheb, Labani smiled and headed towards the office.

The game starts from here,,,,,, slowly everyone has to play,,,,,

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