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learning to be alone

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There is no price for stillness meditation these days people play everything from love affection to everything but I say before going all out be careful not to get carried away

In all unfulfilled desires there are innumerable desires – so every man is self-governing by himself, he does not like the rule of others – so it is very important to have discipline about each.

We can’t directly say to someone “You are very beautiful”, but your saree is very beautiful, great, matches you well – words like that are basically tricks; Which I don’t like at all.

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There is no price for stillness meditation these days, people play everything, from love, affection to everything – but I say before going all out, be careful not to get carried away.

I am a person caught in the rust of the old days, so I am not satisfied with anything unless I get the environment I like; As a result, people get big fish after sitting all day with fishing rods and at the end of the day I get crabs. Basically it takes two hearts to love, one never loves.

No animal other than man can find happiness, and this man also learned the technique of making paper garlands first. But not everything can be tackled by reading books, memorizing formulas, being clever. Arrange each chapter of life like a semester, then you will see that at the time of death, like Samaresh Bose, leaving an unfinished novel “Dekhi Nai Phry” will not happen again.

However, some conditional love (love) does exist; They are red, blue, green like traffic lights – stay at a safe distance from them. Start loving someone only when the comparison is over, don’t go to love someone in pet pain or in your distress; Because living is not enough, loving without quantity, what you want must be clear and sincere.

There will be no competition in love; Because everyone wants to lead his life in his own way. People don’t like to be defeated; But everyone wants to get a respectable result. You have to create inner trust in the person you love. Refrain from loving if my care cannot take more than mine; Because people are always alone, the best time people prefer to be alone.

If you can’t find someone like a reliable mind, leave the space blank, but it’s no use adding weight to the sadness – because people want a sparkling, sparkling heart these days. Restlessness, fickleness, these are terrible and increase irony. Once you learn to be alone, you will find that there is no greater joy. Whatever language you use, keep the reins in your hands. If love is not comfortable then like a dog it will not bite but will bark.

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