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I was very surprised to see the guest

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I was very impressed to see a young lady guest in a marriage house in Bangladesh

I was very impressed to see a young lady guest in a marriage house in Bangladesh. The young lady is wearing a shimmering saree. The sleeves of the blouse are up to the wrist. Her head, ears and neck are tightly tied with hijab. That hijab protected her religion. But there is a lot of jewelry in the young woman’s closet.

If he can’t wear jewelry in this festival, when will he wear it? A gold tikli is worn over the hijab, the neck is covered with a hijab, a thick necklace is worn over that neck hijab, a medium length necklace over it, a heavy necklace over it. All are gold. Also make arrangements so that large earrings can be seen through the edge of hijab. Diamond nose ring. Make up hard on the face. Diamond and gold rings on fingers. Where the sleeves of the blouse ends, there are many gold bangles. The young lady is showing off her charm and beauty. Various gaps are showing.

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But the young woman who practices Islam does not obey the advice of the Koran hadith. She is not supposed to display beauty, she is not supposed to display ornaments or ornaments! He is not supposed to wander in front of a hundred and one descendants of the marriage house.

A person cannot live long in subjugation, absurdity and meaninglessness if he has more than one and a half dozen intellects in his head. One day I believe girls will no longer be religious.

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