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Home remedies to whiten teeth

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Even if you want you cant get shiny teeth anymore

Even if you want, you can’t get shiny teeth anymore. There are many people who are unable to whiten their teeth despite trying hard. Bright teeth not only enhance beauty, but will also work to boost your confidence. Having dark spots on the teeth is enough to ruin anyone’s confidence. Also, shiny teeth mean healthy teeth. Scaling can be costly so many don’t go that route. But there are home remedies for teeth whitening for you-

1. Use of coconut oil and turmeric
Eating a variety of foods and not washing your mouth properly after eating can cause stains on your teeth. Even if you don’t brush according to the rules, you can get black stains on your teeth. To remove such stains you will need coconut oil and turmeric. First, take a teaspoon of coconut oil and mix it with a pinch of turmeric powder. Now brush the mixture like a paste on your teeth. Wash your face thoroughly. Teeth will be sparkling quickly.

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2. Use of salt and mustard oil
Are you aware of the use of salt in maintaining good teeth? Sometimes it is said to gargle with salt water in case of sore throat or cold. Salt has many other benefits. It is also very effective in whitening your teeth. That’s why you need to first take salt and then mix it with a little mustard oil. The two mixtures should be rubbed together well on the teeth. Then wash your mouth and your teeth will be sparkling.

3. Use of lemon juice and salt
Lemon juice has many benefits. Not only for good health, but this lemon can be used for many other purposes. Lemon juice is especially effective in whitening teeth. So first you need to take some lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Then mix these two mixtures together and rub the teeth well. If you wash your mouth well, your teeth will be sparkling.

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