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How to take care of ears

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How to take care of ears

Taking care of different parts of the body is often heard, but taking care of the ears is not heard in the same way. Because there is not much talk about it. But like other organs, it is very important to take care of the ears. Because the whole of our hearing depends on this ear. Many people may not know how to take care of the ears. Let’s know the details-

1. Clean the ears
Did you know that the ears need to be washed regularly? Many people refrain from washing their ears for fear of getting water inside their ears. This cannot be done. Instead, you should practice washing your ears regularly. Also, the dirt accumulated inside the ear should be cleaned. But be careful in that case.

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2. Do not use earbuds
Many people use earbuds to clean their ears. But experts say that ear buds should not be used for ear cleaning. Many people also insert a stick or pen into the ear to clean the ear. They cannot be forgotten. Because such practice can damage the eardrum.

3. Clean the water
If something gets inside the ear, get it out quickly. Because some things like impure water or some chemicals can cause ear infections. This can cause hearing loss. So be careful in advance. Or may suffer later.

4. Do not use earphones continuously
Many people listen to music or other audio through headphones or earphones. In this case, you must keep the volume down. Also, make sure not to use the earphones for more than an hour continuously. It can damage the ears.

5. Don’t be loud
To keep your ears good, you have to pay attention to sound. Avoid loud noises. So avoid going where there is any extra noise. Because loud noise is harmful to the ears. It can cause chronic ear damage.

6. Be careful with ornaments
Many people like to wear different types of ornaments in their ears. Although the beauty emerges, many times the risk remains. Because too much heavy jewelry can cut the skin of the ear. Also wearing ornaments made of some metals can cause problems like allergies. So it is important to pay attention to this.

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