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Governor General calls for kindness to Canadians

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Governor General Mary Simon urges Canadians to pledge to be kind in her end of year message

In her end-of-the-year message, Governor General Mary Simon urged Canadians to pledge to be kind. The Governor General said that the year 2023 presented us with challenges due to climate change and global conflict. But Canadians have made significant strides towards reconciliation and created a new chapter in history.

In addition to English, Simone also delivers messages in her own language, Inktitut, and French. He is still learning French. He said, people are adapting to the challenges in different ways. Kindness is one of them.

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He honored those who turned challenges into opportunities in the past year. Their stories will serve as examples of ‘never give up’, known as ‘Azainnata’ in the Inuktitut language. Last September, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also ended his speech to parliament with these words.

Simon ended his New Year’s message by urging Canadians to pledge to act and be kind. No matter how difficult the situation is, he urged to face it with unity.

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