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First shock after child’s autism diagnosis…

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First shock after childs autism diagnosis

After completing these two phases of the family doctor preliminary exam, Elin’s birthday approached. Sister, Amina has organized a grand celebration for her birthday. Amira brings Elin as a white fairy to the birthday party. Everyone was fascinated to see the little angel. Fountains of happiness are running in Amira’s mind today, although her happiness did not last long after she began to think of herself as complete and worthwhile.

He and Amina worked around the clock for the birthday celebration, Belayt also helped them all night yesterday by blowing up balloons, cutting colored paper, etc. Amina herself did not allow Dulabhai to do more than that. Badar asked, to give him the responsibility of arranging the hall. However Belayet Jaddur helped as much as possible. He did not sleep himself, but gave company to his daughter-in-law. After some time he brought tea and coffee, kept them both drunk by playing music. All went well, just need to get them in the hall tomorrow afternoon, packed in a bag with scissors, tape, and all the accessories.

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The next day Belayet arrived earlier with the things to decorate herself, before the guests arrived. Amina-Amira arrived in Szeged with the children an hour later. Amira reaches and is surprised to see Belayat’s incident. In the meantime, he used chairs, ladders, and hung all the balloons and decorations on the wall with Ahmed. Meanwhile, Amina rushes to bring the designed cake, dropping Amira and the kids. She made the cake beautifully with Elin’s picture. All right, the show will start right away, just waiting for Ellen’s puppet, Bella, to arrive. The DJ party was ready on the stage, and the guests had arrived. Catering food is also arranged for buffet dinners on one side. Belayet restlessly just looking at the clock, why Bella has not arrived yet? At the very beginning of planning, Bella vetoed it once, about a month ago. The day the doctor diagnosed Elaine’s autism, Bella listened to all the nonsense she was talking about. He directly said, these are Amira’s fault, otherwise why would such a cursed child be born? On that day there was a great civil war. Bella’s comment before Amira, Amina stood up and said, ‘Bella, how can you say such a thing? Did you want to give birth to a child? Does any mother want something like this for her child? Or any mother can give birth alone? Dulabhai’s issue is also involved here.

Bella is also not a slave to silence. She said, ‘It is not just holding the stomach, there are many rules and regulations to be followed during pregnancy…’. Amina’s patience broke at this stage. Outspoken Amina, got angry at this stage and said, ‘Even though you have been married for the last ten years, you still could not become a mother, and you are giving knowledge about becoming a mother today? Don’t forget that she is the mother of three children.’ It felt as if someone had slapped Bella in the face. He suddenly burst into tears. Belayet was shocked by her sister’s crying and said, ‘All of you stop. Elin has some deals, we are making proper arrangements for her treatment, that’s it. No more talk about it. Go to whoever’s house, and don’t listen to any Ganjam.’

Since then Bella has been avoiding them a bit. But the invitation was accepted, but why is it not coming? Belayet started thinking. When Bella called to make sure last night, Bella said on the phone that she was really celebrating Elaine’s birthday. He sounded pretty annoyed about it. Belayet then said, “My daughter, why don’t I have a birthday?” Bella said, “He is not a healthy child, what to do in front of the guests! Shouldn’t we call everyone and show the daughter’s madness?’ Belayet didn’t like it at all, even though he is the father!’

A bit late for the event, but dressed up nicely, in a party gown. After a long time, Elin ran after seeing Fupi. From the chips in his hand, he rubbed red spice powder on both hands. As she ran and grabbed Bella, little Ellen’s ten finger prints were clearly visible on the front of Bella’s white gown. Bela lost his senses in anger-excitement and exposed Dil Gomor in front of everyone! Bela said, ‘If you can’t handle these autistic children, what is the need to take them to the public?’ Bella started shaking with anger. He also said, ‘Just yesterday I bought the gown for three hundred dollars, will that crazy girl understand its value?’

Everyone in the party has been concentrated in that place. Amira began to feel as if someone had slapped her cheek, and poor Elin, without realizing it, was nervously shaking Phupi’s gown with her two tiny hands, as if she would immediately clean all the dirt. Angrier at this, Bela pushed Amira and sat down. Eileen went over to her birthday cake on the back table. His cake cream was smeared all over his head. Amina ran and took Elin in her arms, holding her sister, Amira’s hand and walking towards her car. Little Maher and Musa followed their mother and aunt without understanding anything. Amina delivered them to their home. But he is very angry with his brother-in-law. He could no longer restrain himself as he pushed his sister forward. The children are looking in amazement without understanding anything. Musa said, ‘When are we going to eat cake, Khammi?’ Amina said, ‘Khammi will bring a big cake tomorrow, and then we will all eat it together, okay?’

Amina said to her sister, “There is no need for any further discussion in this regard, brother-in-law.” Such a big drama happened while he stood like a silent spectator? Did not say a word to the sister? You remained silent even after pushing your child away?’ Amira was speechless in grief, tears started rolling down her eyes. He hugged Elin and started to cry. Amina can’t bear this cost of her sister. He became very angry with Dulabhai. Seeing Belayat’s car in the parking lot below, he said to his sister, “Keep calm, let me know if there is any trouble, no matter how late it is, I will come and take you if necessary.” I can’t stand their siblings anymore. I’m gone now, I’ll come again in the morning. Amina said goodbye. But, going to the parking lot, Amina realized that they had made a mistake. Someone else parked the car in their lot, not Belayet’s car. A day or two passed eight days, Belayet did not return home. Amira also did not like to hear any news of such an irresponsible husband.

Amina came home from work on the weekend and dropped her off at the market, and that’s how the week went by. Meanwhile, reality teaches Amira a lot. He finds work at a salon a ten-minute walk away, and Amira teaches him how to drive in her own car every Saturday and Sunday. He did not have to be in much danger because he was quite certain. However, he did not get much blessing from the salon. Because, keeping three children in day care from 3 pm to 7 pm, most of the income goes behind the day care. She thinks to herself, after learning some work, she will open a salon herself at home, so that she can earn independently while keeping the children at home. After finishing work at seven in the evening, the four of them went to the park for a while on the way back home with the children. The mind takes in the fragrance of the open air, and caressing the children dearly, running with them to the water park, splashing water and playing with the children. Children are Amira’s life, and she wants nothing else. Belayet loved her, very much, but every time the sister of love, Belay stood in the middle, Belayet always became silent, many times it was seen, wife or sister, not being able to say anything to anyone, finally, she tortured herself, Nawa. Apart from eating, sleepless nights were spent. What happened after the party that day, Belayet did not come back!

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