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Even if you wake up at night, you will be healthy if you follow the rules

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Even if you wake up at night you will be healthy if you follow the rules

People’s lifestyle is also changing with the change of time. Working hours are also changing with it. And so in this busy life there are often night wakings. Someone has to do night duty again often.

Many are forced to wake up at night due to circumstances. Someone wakes up at night in a family event or chat. An occasional night or two won’t do much harm. All problems are solved after sleeping.

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But remember, when you wake up night after night, danger comes from various directions.

Common danger of night waking

> Eyes feel sleepy throughout the day. Body feels weak. The mind is in a bad mood. Even the quality of work decreases.

> Do not exercise after late night. He wakes up at night and eats this and that, and starts gaining weight.

> Having a chronic illness or being older increases the risk of disease or becoming ill.

> After waking up for a long time at night, there is a big change in the sleep rhythm. To bring him back to the routine, he had to sweat.

So those who wake up regularly at night, follow the rules below to avoid possible physical dangers.

Even if you wake up at night, you will be healthy if you follow the rules

> If you wake up at night, you may have a little upset stomach. To avoid that danger, eat home cooked food with less oil and spices.

> As a companion for waking up at night, many people eat alcohol and fried foods. But beware! If you eat these things, you may suffer from hangover, acidity, indigestion etc. The body may deteriorate. Weight may increase. Diabetes, high blood pressure may occur.

> If you forget to take your daily medicine due to the pressure of staying up at night or meeting the target or watching the game, the incidence of all those diseases will increase. It is important.

> Go to bed as soon as the night wakes you up. Before that, you can take a walk in the open air to relieve tension.

> Get in the habit of getting up late. If you don’t have that opportunity, try to take a nap in the afternoon. In our country, there is not much opportunity to take 10-15 minutes sleep (power nap) in school-college or office. In that case, take a nap on the way to the car.

> Most people try to avoid sleep by consuming a lot of tea, coffee and cigarettes. But it has a very harmful effect on the body. So avoid these night waking companions.

> Acidity, indigestion, constipation increases if you wake up continuously at night for a month. Eat a light balanced diet rich in fiber to avoid this danger.

> When sleep is less, anxious people become a little irritable. If you can’t reduce the problem by increasing sleep, talk less, so that the relationship and work are not ruined by the expression of bad mood.

> If you have epilepsy, sometimes if you don’t get some sleep, you may have a sudden attack.

> Sleeping late day after day changes sleep rhythm. There may be sleep problems. don’t be afraid Get back to routine slowly. Eat light meals. exercise In a few days everything will be back to normal. But if you start taking sleeping pills without doing these things, you will suffer from insomnia.

> If you try to reduce the fatigue of less sleep by eating sweets, it can double back in a short time. Doing this day after day can also increase weight. So if you want to snack, eat dry fruits, nuts or fresh fruit juice. But all in less quantity. Even if they contain calories, they are nutritious calories. Which is very beneficial for your body.

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