Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Duplicate glitter and lies defeated people!

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Many relationships cannot be built at once

Many relationships cannot be built at once. It is wrong to go for many relationships at once. Those who do make mistakes. Can’t make many friendships at once. Those who do make mistakes. If you want to be in a relationship with many people at the same time, no one relationship can be given importance. If you try to make many friends at once, none of them will become real friends. No one cares. Since the advent of social media, human-to-human relationships have become less important, friendships have lost importance. No relationship goes deep. Every relationship is loosened.

Even relationships that were once deep have lost importance. Again, before a relationship is formed, it is sinking in the crowd of many others. Known people are disappearing due to the attraction of unseen people. People cannot decide what to do. where to go Who will go to? Who will be loved, who will be removed. Everything has become so open that it is difficult to protect the eyebrows. People are confused by loose glitter. People are defeated.

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The familiar world of the house is gradually moving away from the unknown world outside. People are getting lonely at home too. Everyone is preparing the land. Child is busy with his world, wife or husband wants to be immersed in their own world. Although apparently there is nothing wrong with it, the strong bonds of the family, the culture of being together, sitting at the same table, have largely loosened.

People are becoming increasingly lonely. The longing for human-to-human bonding, the feeling of creating a deep relationship is about to be lost. I myself was once a social media junkie. I thought I needed lots of friends, lots of relationships. I don’t know why I felt like that. But now I feel my assumption was wrong. I ran after the mirage. Enough time wasted.

I am trying to concentrate myself now. The glamor or virtual glitz of social media doesn’t pull me in like it used to. Trying to stay away from wrong relationships, wrong friendships or wrong people. In doing these things, I have moved away from those who were my real friends, tried friends, relatives. They also pushed me away. But through social media I have found some amazing people as friends. So it’s not all meaningless. So I am satisfied with what I got.

I don’t want to test a lot of people. With whom I once stood, who was once my companion in happiness and sorrow, shared a cigarette, shared a dress, shared a plate, shared a bed, shared a cup of tea, with whom I pressed my chest, listened to the beating of my heart. moved away from My lack of communication is responsible for this, social media is responsible for this. Now I want to go back.

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