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Breathing exercises to solve many physical problems

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Breathing exercises to solve many physical problems

Breathing exercises are practiced in yoga Modern medicine is also discovering the importance of nasal breathing. A doctor in Germany is reaping the benefits of applying the results of that research to patients.

As a doctor, Thomas Weiss does conscious breathing exercises every day before starting to see patients He said, “I had a lot of problems with breathing in the past.” I thought it was mystical and spiritual But suddenly I realized after deep study of the matter, that this aspect of our breathing, i.e. our carbon-dioxide emission, plays a central role in the regulation of our body.’

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Stress affects a very ancient structure in the brain that prepares us for fight or flight The body reacts by making changes in breathing when exposed to constant stress Rapid and short breathing is almost imperceptible That condition is called chronic hyperventilation The process happens almost automatically, subconsciously

Scientific proof of all such connections is yet to be found. Nevertheless, Thomas Weiss is convinced that certain physical problems are related to improper breathing For example, a patient named Stephanie Keck is suffering from vertigo He said, ‘No one could know what really happened to me.’ Thought it was a psychosomatics problem But it didn’t help me Dr. I am really happy to have found Vice.

Along with detailed diagnostic procedures, patients receive special breathing training They can consciously control it by monitoring the level of carbon dioxide in the breath with a so-called capnometer. Dr. “Influencing the vegetative nervous system in the body requires a language that is so deep in the body that even animals can understand it,” says Weiss. That’s why we work with massage, heat, food and drink In this way, we explain to the subconscious nervous system that there is no reason to panic, everything is fine.

Patients learn the importance of nasal breathing to increase Cioto levels. Dr. Thomas Weiss says, ‘There is much less air going through the nose. That is why we as humans try not to breathe through our nose.

Patients are required to exercise on special treadmills so that they breathe only through their noses instead of their mouths during exercise. A vacuum bag holds their body weight Gravity and speed can be controlled step by step Breathing through the nose as much as possible is not exceeded.

Thomas Weiss is determined to ensure the scientific importance of his work. So far there has been very little research on breathing. He has helped nearly 10,000 patients so far through his breathing and relaxing therapy. Of course, not all diseases can be treated by breathing control alone “It doesn’t work in cases of tumors, broken legs or pneumonia,” said Dr. Weiss But definitely useful in case of hard disruption Breathing control can improve symptoms such as headaches, fibromyalgia syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, dizziness and rapid fatigue. Sometimes benefits are available in a very short period of time.

Correct breathing is just being discovered in modern medicine.

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