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A bunch of Vesper

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The workload has increased lately Parthiv is working half asleep in his comfortable place

The workload has increased lately. Parthiv is working half asleep in his comfortable place. As he was working, he heard that Shruti entered the house. Parthiv looked at him with half eyes. Shruti observed with serious eyes. A loose kameez, hanging around the neck. Holding a fistful of hair trying to tie it. Parthiv did not say anything. Tried to talk for last 2 days, said Shruti. Not two days, one day. Because since yesterday he is very busy at work.

Parthiv noticed that Shruti sat on the bed with her legs hanging.

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It’s been a while. Shruti kept looking at Parthiv and the file in her lap.

‘Are you so busy?’ a serious voice.

No, not busy. For you I am free every time from sunrise to sunset.’ Today I want to be proud of the world. Always the wife is proud, she does not break the record. He said in his mouth, “Hmm, a bit busy.”

‘Keep your work, and talk to me.’ Tone mixed with entitlement, insistence, command.

Do not download files from the earthly lap. Continued to work. Shruti’s mind was a little disappointed. Why is everyone like this? When he did not show his rights, how many complaints of the world! And today he is talking on his own, now the world is not listening to him. He doesn’t care. Very disappointed. Shruti decides to get up.

The decision did not go up. sat down He said again, ‘I have done a job.’ Helplessness in his voice.

Parthiv looked up now. Leaving the file, he went to Shruti with his hands full. The mattress is mixed with the bed itself, but the mattress is slightly lower. Parthiv went and sat in front of Shruti’s feet. He lifted Shruti’s legs in his lap with both hands. Shruti looked confused. Parthiva held the hands of Shruti and breathed out with a sound,

‘What new reign are you hearing?’ Shruti took her eyes from her hands.

“I have thrown a challenge to Mahathir’s brother.” A carefree voice.

Hearing this, Parthiv frowned.

Shruti understood Parthiv did not understand. So he started saying, ‘I told Mahathir’s brother that he will fall in love with me. Will read.

‘Hmm well done… where’s the problem here?’

If you don’t fall in love, then? Then I will lose, Parthiv.’

“Afraid to lose?”

Yes, I get it. More importantly, win or lose is another matter. Why won’t he love me? Must live. What’s wrong with me?’
Not at all. He is a very good person.

Tell me why you don’t love then? Why is the world like this, earthly? My mother was very beautiful, but my father had an affair with another girl. I’m black but you say you love me. But brother does not love you again. Why?’ Shruti’s voice was devastated.

Parthiv couldn’t find the words to explain. But he understands that the state of hearing is bad; There is excessive anxiety about life.

Parthiv lowered Shruti’s feet and sat beside Shruti. After a while, Shruti gently patted her head like a small child.

Can you be so impatient? Look at life for a while, you will see how beautiful life is. Don’t worry too much about yourself. Not so much faith in him? You will see that he will achieve everything. Otherwise we are. I will tie Mahathir’s brother and drown him in your love. Hand and foot tied. Moreover, seeing him, did you feel like a bad person?’

No, but angry. And you also said he is good. Not bad.’

“Then shake off the thought. Everything that happens will be good and beautiful. People’s bad days are not followed by bad days, but good days. You have passed many bad days in life, now only waiting for good days.’
Shruti is not saying anything. Parthiv said in a calm voice, “Sleep.” If you wake up at night, your body will be sick.

Shruti lay down. The head is looking towards the fan. She thought Parthiv wouldn’t talk to her. Shruti has not spoken to her for the past two days. But today I know why Shruti could not stop herself. It seems that the random thoughts of his mind will find an address only when he comes to Ina. He said the words by himself from that thought. No one else understands this man the way he does. No one understands that it is a lie. He understands you. However, their love is different. Except these two, no one has ever loved like this, understood. Does the world really love him?

Shruti thought it won’t go like this. At that time, he will leave this house after making some trouble. Leave everyone. He does not want to have a family. So why will the people of this house suffer for him?
Mahathir stopped his bike in front of a house. He turned his back. Which means – come down. Viva fell.

Last night, Mahathir told him that a friend of his had invited him, that he should be ready. Viva was ready. Then came with Mahathir to the house of unnamed husband’s friend.

Mahathir got off his bike and went forward with a packet of fruits and sweets. Bibha followed him.

An old woman in a light colored sari opened the door. Eye glasses. Once looked at Mahathir, once at Biva. Both Mahathir and Bibha saluted. He nodded and said, ‘Come in.’

Mahathir, Viva entered. Viva does not know what to do. I feel a lot of laughter. Thus the stranger, the unknown home. Still trying to accept. After marriage, there are new relatives due to the man called husband; He has too.

In the meantime, a woman in Kameez Parihita came out. Mahathir tried to smile at Viva, embarrassed himself. Bibha gave salam and answered the salam. He asked the two to sit. Bibha sat next to Mahathir. Mahathir said,
‘How are you?’ is addressed to both of them. So the old woman replied, ‘I am, father, by Allah’s prayers.’

At that time, Anas entered the house through the front door. He gave a hearty smile as he entered.

When did you arrive? There was no cucumber at home so I went down to get it.

‘Just.’ Mahathir’s one-word solemn reply.

Anas put the bag on the table and went in front of Biva and greeted him with a smile. Biva also answered Salam.

Anas’s wife Ridhi served cold mango sorbet for them.

Anas smiled and said, ‘Vabi, I am your only Deor/Vasur whatever you say. Oh sorry. You have debt. I am your only husband’s only friend. I am very happy that you are coming.

Viva smiled sweetly at Anas’ words. Ridhi came and said, ‘You go to that room and freshen up. which is hot I’m growing food. I will talk after eating.

Biva-Mahathir’s showing came to the room. Mahathir went and washed his hands and face. Came and looked at Biva. Beaver understood discomfort. He said with a serious face, “Take off the hijab and wash your hands and face, it will feel good.”

Viva glanced at Mahathir. Vivah becomes happy if this man treats her a little better. But to use it as much as it is important! Biva lightly nodded her head and said yes to Mahathir’s words. Then he went to freshen up.

Everyone is sitting at the dining table. Except only Ridhi. Viva noticed that his stomach was slightly high. Walks slowly. Maybe pregnant. Beaver felt bad thinking that he was doing so much in this situation. He decided to go and help.
He went quietly from the table to the kitchen. Ridhi said as she stood in the kitchen, ‘Why here? Need something? You can only call me.

Viva noticed well this time. In fact, the woman standing in front of him is pregnant. Viva said, ‘May I help you?’

Oh no. Why do you need help? Look, all the work is done. You go sit down, I’m coming. And you call me. We are the same. You go to the table, don’t stay in the heat.’

It didn’t work out. stood still There was a little conversation between the two. In no time the two became quite friendly.

The eating and drinking phase is going on. Ridhi’s mother-in-law has already eaten. Mahathir looked at Viva. He thought that since this girl had come with him, it was his responsibility to look after the girl’s problems. No matter how much you dislike it.
“I will tell you if there is anything or a problem.”

Viva looked away and focused on the food. Ridhi said in the middle of eating, ‘But you two are getting along very well brother. The appearance of both is Maya Maya. It looks very beautiful with you.

Viva did not understand what to say. Uncomfortable moment again! He is very shy to hear praise. But he was very happy in his heart.

Mahathir did not show much emotion. Just smiled politely. Anas smiled and said,

As my friend is beautiful, so is his friend’s wife. Sundar knows Sundar.’

Ridhi bared her teeth and laughed at her husband’s words. Her husband is actually a sleeper.

After eating and drinking, the four started talking together. Anas-Ridhi told the story. Viva, Mahathir’s only silent listener. But Viva also participated, only Mahathir was silent.
It was already evening. The sky is cloudy. Maybe there will be a storm.

Mahathir understood Akash’s situation and said that it is necessary to go this time, if you don’t go now, you can’t go later. Anas, Ridhi asked to stay but Mahathir did not listen. Mahathir cannot live in anyone’s house.

The two went out after saying goodbye to everyone. Before leaving, Anas gave them two packets as gifts. Ridhi said as they left.

I had a crush on Mahab Bhai’s wife. What a sweet face! Maya Maya looks, the color of the skin is a little pressed. However, the appearance is good. So mixed! You know, I was working in the kitchen, went by myself and helped me. Cucumber cut, worked with hands. How did you find such a good girl? I am very happy. But I will invite again.

Anas smiled. His wife was soon happy. So happy to use Beaver too. He also liked the use of beavers though. You can see how good the girl is! But his friend did not accept him. Anas felt that Mahathir would one day love a girl like Viva in Mahathir’s words. Well, will that quiet girl accept Mahathir’s love or return it?

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