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7 techniques to improve memory

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Lets find out how to increase short term memory

He studied all night to prepare for the exam, but when he went to the exam hall in the morning, he found that he did not remember anything, or that it was becoming very difficult to remember someone’s name or the details of daily life. Which in simple language many people call ‘forgetting’ disease. With the contribution of the brain we can hold everything in memory. So it is very important to activate the brain to improve memory. Let’s find out how to increase short-term memory:

We all know that exercise makes our muscles stronger. But the effects of exercise also wear on our brains. After exercise, the brain receives more oxygen, thereby increasing the brain’s performance. So try to do any kind of exercise every day. Or you can go for a walk, as a result of walking, the number of cells in the brain increases.

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Meditation works very well to improve memory. Most people meditate for a few days and then get impatient and stop meditating without seeing results. But it takes some time to get the results so you have to be patient and meditate for some time every day

Listening to music and reading books
Melodies of music activate our brain very quickly. So you should listen to music for some time every day. While reading any book one has to read very patiently and read every line with understanding. Reading a book every day improves brain performance. They are not in the habit of reading books at all and may not be able to stay patient for long in the beginning. But by reading books every day it is possible to gradually master the habit of reading books.

enough sleep
If we don’t sleep every day according to the needs of the body, memory loss occurs because our brain cannot function properly without sleep. Working all day makes our body tired as well as brain. So enough sleep is needed to rest the brain. Sleep helps improve our memory So it is important to get a good night’s sleep before an exam or any important work.

eating habits
Food plays a role in increasing memory. Eating a handful of almonds in the diet every day improves memory. Besides, milk butter fish oil helps to improve memory. A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, which help in brain development. Eat more foods that contain antioxidants, such as vitamin C-rich foods, colorful vegetables and fruits. Sugar and sugary foods should be eaten as little as possible.

do something new
The brain often does not work properly for the same lifestyle day after day. So some changes should be made in the way of life from time to time. On holidays you can go somewhere with family or friends. Traveling or visiting new places improves memory. Besides, learning to paint again or learning a language, cooking, gardening etc. can be tried. Because when trying to do something new, our brain has to become much more conscious and active. As a result, the brain can retain anything in memory very easily.

way to remember
Early morning is the best time to remember anything related to studies. As a result of sleeping all night, the brain is very active, so the brain remembers any task in the morning very easily. Also important tasks can be noted. The practice of writing a diary improves memory. If we write something down, it gets mastered by the brain very easily.

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