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You didn’t get the money on time

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Politics can be done with the power of money Votes can be bought Judgment can be bought Other countries can be invaded people die by hitting missiles

When I was a child in school, my friends used to eat Malek Bhai’s Malai ice cream during leisure. I often couldn’t afford ice cream because I didn’t have money. I used to watch my friends eat with fascination. Once the first boy of my class Nasir said, Malik eat ice cream! i feed you My self-esteem has been strong ever since. I could never ask anyone for anything. I can’t bear the pain of not wanting. I used to feel humiliated. I said to Nasir, Nare, I have tonsil problem, mother says not to eat cold. I remember a man used to come to our house in the afternoon to sell Ghatigaram. He used to wear colorful clothes with fingernails on his feet. The boys and girls of the house used to run. used to crowd I used to think that there is no more rotten food than him. But I know it was delicious hot. Its fragrance is wonderful.

As I had no money in my pocket, I could not buy a letter-writing stump. After college, I wrote letters to newspapers. I have hundreds of penfriends. What I used to do was remove the stumps from the letters my friends wrote me and put them back. Whenever old postman uncle used to caress me, he would not say anything but seal it. Since then, I have developed an aversion to money. Nevertheless, I made up my mind to eat a lot of ice cream when I grew up and had a job. And if I ever get married i.e. if any woman agrees to marry me (until then I was sure no one would marry me) and if I have a son or daughter then I will not leave any of their needs unfulfilled. I will give you what you want.

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My entire student life was spent in trouble. I spent many nights without food in my life but never let anyone know. No one knew. I didn’t even have more than a pair of pants and shirts. What I was getting by working in Bichitra was not enough. But after marriage my life changed. Both were working. good job But he was not interested in money. But I like to spend money. I like to do charity. Sitting at the tea table, no one can easily pay the bill in front of me. I voluntarily quit my job because I will not compromise with injustice. When I came abroad I had to sell my ancestral land but at that time there was a lot of temptation to make money. Ignoring that I moved to Canada.
My sons and daughters now have very good jobs, I can do whatever I want. I can eat ice cream, I can eat hot chocolate, I can buy pants and shirts, I can buy stamps to put on letters. I am happy with that. Money is like an addiction. Once you get this addiction, it is not easy to quit. Money addiction is worse than drug addiction.

Yes it is true that money is needed to live a good life. Money is stronger than gun, more powerful than pen. If you have money, the eyes of a tiger can match the proverb, but it is very true. If you have money, you can get a beautiful girlfriend, if you have money, you can go abroad for good treatment, if you have money, you can become a member of a big club, you can spend millions of rupees in gambling courts, if you have money, you can buy a car and live a luxurious life at home and abroad. Car rental friends join.

Politics can be done with the power of money. Votes can be bought. Judgment can be bought. Other countries can be invaded, people die by hitting missiles. If money is strong, the other’s wife can be shared, whether it is for money! everything happens If you have money, you can donate to charity. Nothing is more powerful than money. So it is natural that people will be desperate for money. But not everyone sees money. Even if money flies, not everyone can catch it.

As it is now only money story around. When I was a child, I used to buy peanuts if I had a paisa or two paisa, if I had five taka or ten taka, I could go for a walk. Then I used to listen to the story of hundreds of rupees, thousands of rupees or lakhs of rupees. Twenty-two families were once millionaires. Now when someone talks about crores of rupees, it seems ridiculous. Now all discussions are worth thousands of crores of rupees. Corruption is rampant now. The industry has taken the form!

Toronto 24 September 2023

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