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When is it better not to run the mouth? Be wise to deal with sarcasm

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There comes a time in everyones life when insults and sarcasm are thrown at them

There comes a time in everyone’s life when insults and sarcasm are thrown at them. Just as it is not easy to digest the insult, it is not easy to respond to it. Besides, someone deliberately makes fun of you.

It is normal to get hot headed in such a situation but there is no point in quarreling or arguing. So it is important to know how to respond to insults in the right way. Be wise to deal with sarcasm.

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♦ One who insults, wants to break the morale of the person in front. He also expects a negative reaction from the person insulted, so that he can hear more. So take your time in responding to insults. Without getting a response, the person in front will be nervous.

♦ There are lessons to be learned from the stars too. They have to be victims of various taunts through mass media or social media. Unpleasant situations have to be dealt with directly. In this case, just looking at the offending person is enough. Observe the person in front of you without saying anything. Your silence and steady gaze will make him think twice.

♦ There is also a saying that a fool has no enemies. The same applies to insults. No matter how insulting the person in front is, try to remain calm. Do your own thing, don’t respond to insults or retort.

♦ If a stranger insults a person, ask to know his name. After that ask him to continue. People in front will be shocked.

♦ There is no question if you can laugh off the insult without wearing it. Start looking at insults and criticism as constructive criticism. It will bring peace of mind.

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