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What or who is responsible for this disorder in society?

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No matter how old and ugly you are having money means having a girlfriend

Now money is the source of love. No matter how old and ugly you are, having money means having a girlfriend. Some are even willing to become wives. becoming Meanwhile, the middle class youth society is in danger. They have strength, masculinity but no lover.

Young girls these days sacrifice even their youthful needs for money. They like shopping, traveling abroad, eating well. As a result, love becomes egocentric and materialistic. They are willing to give up sex, a key aspect of enjoying life’s golden times. Kot katha mani hai toh honey hai. This is a class. Another class of girls are getting both boys and money. Their class is a little higher.

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What or who is responsible for this disorder in society? Liability and Liability Options for Illegal Haram Ruji. It is true that girls come from villages or villages to study. But seeing the market full of consumer goods, luxury cars and houses, their eyes become widened, so the ambition also increases, and with it, the time on hand decreases. They want to reach their destination by taking a very short cut. It takes a long time to get a job with a degree. Moreover, how much money does the job get?

The ever-increasing prices of commodities are defiling the soul of man these days. Because it is difficult to sustain existence.

Inflation, skyrocketing commodity prices, exotic dresses sold in the market, prevalence of cosmetics are driving the life of young girls in a different direction. They are the ones who gave birth to or are giving birth to men called sugar daddies. And in this title they are also Pupututu.

Who is this sugar daddy? Uninteresting rude money men who underestimate money. They do charity in this way – 18-year-old daughter at home, 18-year-old girlfriend under her armpit. Eating them is the cure for eye hunger.

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