Monday, June 24, 2024

TTC spotlights arts and culture to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Month

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Throughout the month of June, events to honor Indigenous employees, culture, and creativity, as well as works by nine Indigenous artists prominently displayed in stations and on specially wrapped buses and streetcars, will be part of the TTC’s celebration of Indigenous Peoples Month.

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Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie stated, “I look forward to seeing the work of local artists highlighted across our transit system during Indigenous Peoples Month.” This is a significant month to celebrate the diversity, history, and heritage of Indigenous peoples. I am pleased to see that the TTC is supporting the City of Toronto’s commitment to truth, justice, and reconciliation by including this on their vehicles.

According to TTC Chair Jon Burnside, “The TTC Board recognizes the critical role that our transit system plays in honoring the diverse communities we serve.” Yet again I laud the TTC for highlighting mind boggling specialists whose works honor Native stories, voices and lived encounters.”

Ryan Besito, Emily Clairoux, Melissa Compton, Vanessa Dion Fletcher, Brandon Jacko, Natalie Laura King, Amanda Amour Lynx, Catherine Tammaro, and Fallon Simard are the artists featured in the campaign this year. Their murals can be seen by customers on four streetcars, six wrapped buses, and as print advertisements in vehicles and stations. The wrapped vehicles will travel throughout the city on a variety of routes.

Rick Leary, CEO of the TTC, stated, “The TTC welcomes the opportunity to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Month, as well as the diversity and cultures of our employees and the communities we serve.” We are putting in a lot of effort to create a transit system that is more equitable and inclusive for both our customers and the 16,000 employees who make the TTC a great place to work.

The TTC is pursuing making a Reality and Compromise Procedure to guarantee genuine portrayal of Native voices. The organization is working with the Indigenous Affairs Office of the City of Toronto, First Nations and Urban Indigenous Communities, the United Indigenous Council, and other employees to accomplish this.

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