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The mistakes that cannot be made in exercise after the age of 50

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Regular exercise helps to keep the body free from diseases also helps in weight loss

Regular exercise helps to keep the body free from diseases, also helps in weight loss. However, even after the age of 50, you have to follow some rules to exercise.

1. Allow the body to adapt before and after exercise. A warm-up with bare hands before the start of the body warms up the exercise. Also, other activities should be started only after the main exercise is finished with some rest. It reduces the risk of muscle damage.

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2. The type of exercise cannot be changed repeatedly. Exercise must be done according to the rules. After 50 it is normal to get tired in the body. But if you do some kind of exercise every day according to the rules, the body will adapt gradually.

3. Those who start exercising after 50, it is better to proceed slowly. It takes time for the body to adapt to anything. So start with little exercise and gradually increase the time and amount of exercise.

4. Doing the same exercises every day can lead to boredom. So practice different types of exercise. Not only exercise but physical exercise, regular walking and jogging are good for both body and mind.

5. Adequate rest is also necessary along with exercise. Especially after 40, the power of muscle and other organ cell regeneration decreases. As a result, not getting enough rest can cause more damage to the body.

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