Sunday, April 21, 2024

The Government of Yukon seeks feedback on draft resource roads regulation

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The Government of Yukon believes in open, public consultation with Yukoners about the issues that are important to them. The Government of Yukon has drafted new rules that can be used to govern roads located on public land that lead to resources across the territory and is inviting Yukoners to learn more and share their views during an engagement opening today.

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Roads are built to access many types of resources in the Yukon, including renewable energy, mining, forestry and aggregate material, like gravel. Currently, resource roads are regulated under the Yukon’s Land Use Regulation, with government oversight limited to the construction phase. As proposed, the new law will mean projects are managed by government from planning through to reclamation.

The new legislation will bring clarity to the public, First Nations governments, and the resource industry and will ensure newly designated and approved roads are managed and shared in a considered, sustainable manner. In part, the regulation would address the issue of old resource roads becoming public roads that can then used to access many parts of the Yukon’s wilderness without restriction. Over time, continual public access can stress wildlife and the natural environment.

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