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The eyes are so happy

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When she was born I was stuck in New York City 12000 miles across the ocean waiting for Canadian landing documents

Zareen is our eldest child. When his mother started carrying him in the womb, that is, his presence was first known in the medical examination. On that day, I, a low-paid government official from Panta Furano, returned home with many boxes full of sweets. When she was born, I was stuck in New York City, 12,000 miles away from the country across the ocean, waiting for Canadian landing documents. It is an ironic chapter of my life.

It still bothers me sometimes. I feel very helpless. He was ten months old when I first saw him when he crossed the ocean. He was sitting on my lap and staring at my face while I was returning home along the airport road. Believe me, I am not exaggerating, I still remember it clearly. I thought I had seen him somewhere before. My soul knows him. He is known to me for hundreds of years. I may never be able to express in words or in writing the unearthly joy that was filling my mind.

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Stay with me, let’s talk about him today. He was very eager to study in medical school. His wish was not fulfilled. All human hopes are not fulfilled in one life. However, the bachelor’s degree is from the same department of Health Science at McMaster University. That’s it or less! He is currently in his second year of Pharmaceutical Science (Pharmacy-Doctoral Program) at the University of Toronto. May your prayers make his life easier. May the desire of his heart be fulfilled by the welfare of people.

Last September’s long weekend ended the initial phase of our little cousin’s wedding. We wanted to have a lot of fun. It’s not a big deal how much I can do. It is possible to do everything that the mind wanted in a short time of preparation. I am very grateful to the one who gave us this opportunity. And the greatest gratitude, He has granted us a good child from a good family. Alhamdulillah!

Relatives and friends near the wedding are happy all day and night. This is normal. But what breaks a father in a family, it is only possible for a father-in-law to guess.

I have attached some pictures for you to see.

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