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Reactions of Canadian expatriates to US visa policy in Bangladesh

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Journalist Subrata Nandi said what is the reason for so much concern about US visa sanctions Not all of Bangladeshs 170 million people are standing in line to go to America

There are various discussions, criticisms and debates about the American visa policy. It has also spread among expatriates. We talked to the Bengalis living in Canada about this. They expressed their views on the matter. Others wanted to talk about Canada’s visa policy. Highlighted the visa policy of India. Some refused to talk about it.

Agriculturalist Faizul Karim said, ‘It seems that America is exaggerating. But I expect a participatory, transparent election in Bangladesh. In their own interests, not under the pressure of foreigners. Above all, there is a need to be alert about the conspiracies of anti-independence circles and fundamentalist-militants at home and abroad’.

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Cultural activist Nayan Hafiz thinks that the American visa policy taken in the case of Bangladesh is not at all dignified for Bangladesh. It amounts to interfering in the internal affairs of a country. Promotion as the purpose of visa policy Visa policy has been promulgated with the aim of making elections fair in Bangladesh. That being said, the people of Bangladesh, and no one else, are the owners of deciding how elections will be held in Bangladesh. Behind this visa policy, America has a deep plan. It can be seen that in some geo-politically important countries, America has overthrown the existing government under various pretexts and installed the government of their choice in the power of those countries. There are precedents for this in the history of different countries, in those countries where the interests of the United States were disturbed, the American government was involved in the game of overthrow. America wants to play the same game in Bangladesh. If they succeed in this, they will establish a puppet government in Bangladesh. The only work of that government will be to fulfill the interests of America by selling the interests of the country. Many countries do not have democracy, fair elections but America is silent on them. The only reason for this is that those countries are protecting America’s interests. America’s double standard is exposed to the world today. Therefore, my personal opinion is that the conscious citizens of Bangladesh will soon understand the mischief of America behind the visa policy and I am hopeful that the people will stop this mischief before any major incident happens.

Journalist Subrata Nandi said, what is the reason for so much concern about US visa sanctions? Not all of Bangladesh’s 170 million people are standing in line to go to America. What is the problem if some thieves, gangsters, money launderers, sick politicians and their families are covered?

Suman Zafar, the leader of Best Travel, said that the Bangladesh government should stop visas for Americans. Bangladesh has that courage. Proving it by giving a thumbs up to the World Bank during the construction of the Padma Bridge. One more thing, Bangladeshis should avoid America’s products and money.

Runa Laila, a Bangladeshi banker living in Toronto, said that the rights of global citizens are being taken away through the much-discussed and controversial visa policy. On the other hand, it is a matter of will and policy to whom America will or will not grant access to its home. As a result, there are arguments for both sides.

In this regard, Engineer Zakir Hossain said, I think it will play a positive role in making the election relatively fair and bringing BNP into the election field. Besides, a part of the illegally smuggled money will be returned to Bangladesh from America.

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