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That moment is unforgettable…

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After losing poet Rafiq Azad poet Asad Chowdhury is feeling the grief of losing his brother

In the 1960s, the two poets became acquainted with each other. Then the two who were grouped around the ‘Kanthaswar’ magazine belong to the same group. Although in the poem they are both distinct, different. Two different names with different levels of poetry: Rafiq Azad-Asad Chowdhury. Yet, they are united in mutual respect, in ultimate hope for the motherland, in the same formula.

For fifty long years, they have walked side by side for poetry and literature. Worked under the same roof. Therefore, after losing poet Rafiq Azad, poet Asad Chowdhury is feeling the grief of losing his brother.

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Poet Dilara Hafiz, wife of poet Rafiq Azad. Rafiq Azad is not just a husband to Dilara Hafeez; Rather, a pure poet, a unique friend, a perpetually humble freedom fighter and a brave one in all fields. After all, his golden piece is the father of two children, Khan Abhinna Azad and Khan Abhay Azad. Poet Dilara Hafiz has lost her husband, father of two children, lost ideal poet and above all lost a unique courage today.

Poet Rafiq Azad’s self-fulfilling fire of emptiness, two people, wife poet Dilara Hafiz and fifty-year-old friend, cousin poet Asad Chowdhury, faced each other, sat side by side, held hands and exchanged feelings of dependence. Silently shed tears. As if they have found a reliable beach to crash the waves of each other’s excited tears!

Today only all memories!

Toronto, Canada

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