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TDSB’s clarification on asbestos report

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The air handling unit was immediately shut down and the students evacuated after lead dust was detected TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird said on Jan 16

The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is standing by the action it took following a report that a middle school found asbestos in the city’s East End. However, some of the parents have expressed concern that they were not informed about this at the earliest.

Queen Alexandra Middle School, located at Broadview Avenue and Dundas Street East, was found to contain asbestos on December 14. The number of students in the school is more than 400.

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In a letter sent to parents, Principal Ross Edgar said that a TDSB certified company has been hired for cleaning. With that, the substance has been safely removed. Investigations are already underway to determine if there is any risk of exposure. According to Occupational Health and Safety, such risks are very low.

TDSB spokesman Ryan Byrd said on Jan. 16 that the air handling unit was immediately shut down and students evacuated after lead dust was detected. As a precaution, the workers thoroughly cleaned the place.

Another round of cleaning was done the next day. Environmental consultant also collected samples. Byrd said sample testing indicated the presence of limited amounts of asbestos in some rooms. Lead was found in one of the rooms.

But parents say, even a low risk is a risk. Moreover, they are also worried about why they had to be disabled for a month to report the matter. TDSB reported the matter on January 12, almost a month after the asbestos was detected.

TDSB said the cleaning operation resumed in early January. Further samples collected are within acceptable limits.

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