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Premier Ranj Pillai attends Western Premiers’ Conference

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Thats a wrap for Western Premiers Conference

At the Western Premiers’ Conference in Whistler, British Columbia, on June 26 and 27, 2023, Premier Ranj Pillai and other provincial and territorial leaders deliberated on issues of significance to Canada’s seven western provinces and territories.

Subjects of the premiers’ conversation meetings remembered the condition of the economy for Western Canada, key foundation and exchange passages, energy security, environment activity and maintainable turn of events, movement, work markets and versatility, Icy security and sway, and local area wellbeing. Head Pillai drove the conversation meetings on the work market, vital framework and exchange hallways, and proceeding to lift the profile of Icy security to the public stage.

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He emphasized the Yukon’s support for nation-building projects like transportation infrastructure and connections to the hydroelectric grid in these discussions; the need to investigate chances to smooth out movement and affirmation processes for medical services laborers; the unmistakable difficulties looked by provincial, northern, and distant networks, particularly inside the setting of the Substance Use Wellbeing Crisis; also, the proceeded with significance of affirming Canadian sway in the North.

The Yukon will host the 2024 Western Premiers’ Conference.

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