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One odd Singer

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Singer Sanjeeb Choudhury

Why does the eye burn so much, go to the sea with that burnt eye; Is the ocean your son, caressing your eyes—what wonderful words and songs! Many such songs were born from the hand of a journalist-musician. In the mass movement of the 90s, he wandered around with a harmonium around his neck. Immediately after writing the song, he would set the melody to it and shake the streets with the song of the fall of the dictatorship.

His political awareness and the magnificence of his voice spoke the language of the movement in unison. He was vocal against capitalism and imperialism despite having the blood of the zamindar clan in his body. He was active in every struggle. Who never compromised with his political ideology. She is our beloved Kajalda. Who is known as singer Sanjeeb Chowdhury. Today is the birthday of this ephemeral journalist-musician. This single-minded young man was born on 25 December 1964 in Habiganj district.

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In the early nineties, he used to spend time at Jumpes Ada at Aziz Super Market in Shahbagh. During those days, Bappa Majumdar introduced him to the famous singer Hasan Abidur Reza Jewel. With the combined efforts of the two, ‘Dalchut’ got the band culture of Bangladesh. He released his first album ‘Ah’ together with Bappa Majumdar. Popular songs he has sung and sung include – ‘Bioscope’, ‘Aam Aandhye Bye Chand’, ‘Aam Toke Bale Dib’, ‘Rickshaw’, ‘Katha Balh Na’, ‘Sada Moyla Rangila Pale Aula Batas Chale’, ‘Chokh ‘, ‘It was very dark then’, ‘Ah Yasmin’ etc.

He also sang Baul Shah Abdul Karim’s ‘Gadi Chali Na’ and ‘Kon Mestri Nao Banaiyache’ in two voices and was well appreciated. This caste artist was looking for a new taste of sound and melody in music by forming a group of ‘Dalchut’ songs. At that time, his singing got a huge response from everyone. One by one, ‘Hridaypur’, ‘Swapnabaji’, ‘Akashchudi’, ‘Jochnabihar’ came out of the lottery. Among them ‘Swapnbaazi’ is his solo album. Sanjeeb Chowdhury’s hold over the melody was extraordinary. He took it to another level by mixing poetry in songs.

Sanjeeb Chowdhury was once known as a poet. Perhaps his poetic songs made up for this lack. Sanjeebda has also participated in several television dramas. He also wrote several short stories. He became almost a legend in a short time with his talent in music and journalism and his extravagant life. Wrote the feature, wrote it and taught it to everyone.

Sanjeeb has got the hands of some talented media journalists. Sanjeebda was a great romantic. However, in the crowd of calculated people, he was unaccountable. He was incredibly lively. At the same time, a bit of a mouthful. Doubt, indifference and laziness seemed to haunt him all the time.

His name did not get much publicity until his debut in the world of music. The introverted person is forever avoiding social gatherings. But he was the middle man in the chat. Talk about fire to a friend, he has fire in both hands; The flower falling from whose garland is darker than blood?’— The combination of love and revolution happens in Samaresh’s time, in Sanjeeb’s song. “I saw binoculars at the color fair of your house, the addiction of binoculars never leaves me”.

But at the end he left all addictions. Sanjeebda has no physical presence, but his creation is ever-moving, ever-relevant. Whose car of creativity is running.

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