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Nuyen is drunk in Money

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Nuyen is drunk in Money

As soon as Suzy approaches, Nuyen bursts with happiness.

Nuyen: How much money is in my pouch now?

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Suzy: Nuyen, you don’t burn too much! The way you were calling, I thought that there was a robber in the house.

Nuyen: You are my sweet heart, please don’t tell me how much money is there?

(Nuyen calls everyone sweetheart, girlfriend, or even wife to do the needful. Meanwhile, the dashingly smart newly minted Suzy mutters, ‘I’m tired of being the girlfriend of an old man like you!’)

Suji: I can’t do it now, I’ll see after cooking.

Nuyen: But I’m standing here, at the door of the office, I’ll move if you tell me.

Inevitably, Suji gets annoyed and goes to count the money. But as he took the pouch back to the table and sat down to count, his eyes unknowingly went to the front window. It was snowing outside. Suzy’s chest heaves in fear of the unknown, meanwhile she has to drive the van to take the client to the piano class. Somehow he quickly opened the pouch and quickly checked how much money was inside. It’s been a month since Suzy joined this home. He joined this home just after graduating from Disability Studies.

He is only twenty-five years old. Suji is tall and beautiful. The job is for her experience as she prepares to enroll in a Masters at university. He spends the money from his job on shopping and dating. Moreover, he is not yet used to this job. Not fully understood yet. Hastily counting the money, Suzy only counted the dollar bills, she didn’t notice or pay attention to the coins lying in the corner. Suzy couldn’t imagine what disaster would await her without counting those two coins.

He keeps looking out the window, it’s snowing heavily outside. He is a new driver, just graduated from college and owns a small car. But this job requires him to always drive the home’s big van around with clients as needed. Suzy, a brave young girl, accepted the conditions as a challenge. But now realizes that driving a van puts a lot of stress on his nerves, yet he has to mentally battle for the job. Sometimes it happens, maybe he is driving on a very busy road, while the client he brings with him maybe starts freaking out because he sees or hears something, or makes him crazy by repeatedly asking questions, then he wants to cry. He is still not used to driving a car, let alone a big van. Added to this is today’s snow storm. Both of Suji’s moods became very bad. Meanwhile, Nuyen became restless after breaking the barrier of patience.
Nuyen: How long will it take you to count my money?

Suzy: Well, what are you so busy? Can’t you just wait a little bit?

Nuyen: What are you doing? Did you lose my pouch? But I returned from the bank and gave it to you. I will not lose my money!

Suji is very annoyed and thinks that if you don’t get rid of this trouble right now, she will chew your head off today.

He tells Nuyen, ‘Will you go to your room and sit quietly as I count the money? I will call when dinner is ready. Before that, don’t bother at all. You have two hundred and thirty rupees in your pouch.

Nuyen: Oh God! Suzy, don’t be naughty! Suzy…

Suzy did not stand to tell Nuyen the amount of money. He assumed that Nuyen must have gone to his room happy with the answer. Suzy quickly ran to the kitchen to cook. He couldn’t imagine what he was going to do tonight.
Meanwhile, the voices in Nuyen’s head kept saying, ‘Suzy thief, he stole your money. He cheated on you. He is not good.’

Hearing the same thing over and over again, Nuyen began to lower his voice in the manner taught by his psychiatrist, ‘Shut up, I don’t want to hear you.’ But the thought did not go to him. He lit two cigarettes in a row and calculated in his mind.

‘I had thirty-three rupees in my pouch, I brought two hundred from the bank. Then it is two hundred and thirty three. I bought coffee from McDonald’s on offer for one taka, then the remaining two hundred and thirty-two remained. Why did Suzy say two hundred and thirty? Did he really steal my money?

It was five o’clock in the afternoon. Downstairs Staff, Sabrina goes to Ikea to buy bed sheets for Ben. Hearing the sound of Nuyen’s feet on the stairs, he said, ‘Do you need anything? I’m going to Ikea to buy bed sheets for Ben.’
Nuyen: No, I don’t need anything. I am poor, I have no money.

Sabrina: Nuyen, what will you do with so much money? If you only withdraw money from the bank today? That money is for your expenses, what is there to think about? See how faded your bed sheet is?

Nuyen: No, informer! won’t take my money I don’t need anything. Mother will send my chadar. Won’t take my money. That money is for my coffee and cigarettes.

Sabrina: Okay dad! Do not catch! You sleep with your money under your pillow… what about me? After two days, if you say again in such a disaster that you have to buy something, I will not go!

Nuyen sat with his hands on his cheeks and thought. Who do you believe? The manager simply says, Suzy will handle everything for me. But today I am sure that he stole my two rupees. I don’t trust anyone anymore. Who should I trust? He was very restless.

At one point, to reduce the restlessness, he pressed his leg and started moving towards the table. Picking up the receiver of the landphone on the table, he dialed 647——-

On the other side, when the mother picked up the phone, Nuyen burst into tears. ‘Oh mother, my money has been stolen.’

Where did the money get stolen from? Who stole the money? how much money

Nuyen: Mom, my staff stole my money.

Call mother Suzy, let’s talk!

Nuyen: No mom. He stole it himself!

Mom, Dad, you must be doing something wrong. She is a very good girl. He won’t take your money.

Nuyen: I’m sure mom! I don’t want Suzy as my primary anymore. and bad

Mom: Well, I’ll talk to the manager, don’t you think. Sit and listen to music.

Nuyen: ok mom. don’t think

Nuyen ran to the kitchen door as Ma hung up the phone. Suzy…

Sooji was frying onions in hot oil. Suddenly startled by Nuyen’s call, hot oil spilled on his hand. Suzy ran to the fridge with her hands. On the other hand, poor Nuyen can’t see anymore, what will he do? He is thinking that Suzy is not responding on purpose. He thinks that Suzy is ignoring or ignoring him on purpose. He gets angry and says, ‘Will you listen to me?’

Suzy: Tell me

Nuyen: How much money was in my pouch?

Suzy: I can’t say it again

Nuyen: My money, I want to know. you have to say

Suzy: I am busy, come later. So Suzy took out ice from the fridge and started rubbing it on her hand. Looks like a terrible blister.

Nuyen ran to the flat next door. Robin was the staff in that flat. Robin of African origin is loved by everyone. He is in his thirties. The six-foot-two-inch Robin always wears jeans ripped to the knees, a red or yellow t-shirt, a hat worn upside down, and a huge, long, thick gold chain.

He also has a thick bracelet on his hand and a large pendant in one ear. Robin was then cooking for Billy and Azim. Robin dances and sings and cooks with headphones in his ears. He didn’t realize how much trouble Nuyen was already in.

Scarborough, Canada

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