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Nawabi Bhoj

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Love to be Nawab BFLC Bangladeshi Food Lovers in Canada is a Bengali organization based in Toronto

My younger uncle i.e. Babar Mama used to talk about Nawabs with us when we went to different houses. I have been hearing the Nawab of Bogra from his mouth since childhood. How that Nawab walked, how he ate, how he talked, what kind of clothes he wore. Since then, a hobby was born in my heart, oh, if I could become a Nawab once in my life! It wouldn’t have been fun. I was not for one day, what a loss! Nawab says.

It is as if my old hobby has become old after finally coming to Canada. Love to be Nawab. A Bengali organization in Toronto called BFLC (Bangladeshi Food Lovers in Canada) did it. This organization is always trying to organize something different with foodie Bengalis in Toronto. This program was about food luxury of Nawabs. The name was ‘Nawabi Bhoj’.

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The event had a dress code. The dress code is that all those who come to the event must come either in Nawab or Begum attire. Basically the husbands are Nawabs and the wives are Begums, they should dress up like this. I have already said that I have been fond of becoming a Nawab since my childhood after listening to the stories of Nawabs from my uncle. So I did not miss this golden opportunity. I went straight to the event. To be a Nawab for a day. Nawab even for one day. And my wife is one day Begum.

The whole event was magnificent. It was decorated beautifully. First there was the taking of seats and the opening announcement. Then feast your stomach lightly with nawabi appetizers. Then a court dance in front of the Nawabs. The scene is like this. The nawabs are all sitting on pillows leaning on the floor in an Aisy pose and the dancers are dancing in front of them line by line to the famous Satchi dance song “Ankhio ki Masti” or “Salam Isk”. The dances were very spectacular.

Because the dancers were all the famous Bengali dancers of Toronto. After a while during the dance, Nawabs could be heard cheering – Marhaba Marhaba, Bahut very. Some nawabs took off garlands from their necks and threw some money at the dancers. And the dancers lifted them from the floor and saluted the Nawabs by bowing. It’s all for fun, but it still feels like I’ve gone back to some pristine ocean from hundreds of years ago.

The whole atmosphere was quite fun. After the court dance, the bridegroom fight begins. Panja fight as a symbolic war among Nawabs. Whoever wins will be the best Nawab of this year. There was also the Nawab’s treasure hunting game. All Nawabs will sit in a line. Then they will be asked to find some things from inside the house. Nawabs should find those things and bring them quickly. Come and sit in your own chair again. A chair will be reduced already. A Nawab who is late will never find his chair. That is, his game is over there.

Thus the Nawab who survives to the end will get a special reward. After this game of treasure, the banquet begins. Nawabi Bhoj This episode had all the new food. Polao, Korma, Kalia, Kopta are others. It was a perfect time for foodies. After Bharpet Nawabi Bhoj, everyone takes their seats again. Then the ghazal evening begins. Which was the main attraction of the event.

In the voice of Shoaib Bhai, the renowned artist of Toronto, one ghazal after another continues. The whole atmosphere of the hall changed then. Think of a new form. Nawabi An atmosphere of that time surrounds us all. All of us keep listening to the melodious aesthetic tunes of Ghazals and all the heartwarming words. Before the singer finished his favorite songs, one after another requests started coming from the audience. May the song never end. Keep going. How can two hours pass by in a swoon of tunes. We don’t feel any.

The formality of this beautiful event ends when the clock strikes twelve at night. At the end of the prize distribution and farewell address. Why do you suddenly feel like Cinderella during the farewell speech? Because I see the twelve bazaars are falling one by one in front of our eyes, all our novice moves, novice behavior. The sword must be returned.

The head crown must be returned. Just like Cinderella, twelve night bazaar immediately went from Nawab to forest to poor Cinderella. One day’s novice is over. what else to do Got worried. I look at Bibi with fear. I think, who knows whether Bibi has become badi again from Begum? Look, Nah Begum is like Begum. As beautiful as ever. Jak father…let’s live the journey!!

Toronto, Canada

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