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Mike Jack set a world record by eating 50 chilies

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Mike Jack has set a world record for eating 50 chilies in just 6 minutes and 49 secondsPhoto Guinness World Records

Mike Jack set a world record by eating 50 such peppers in just 6 minutes and 49 seconds. He entered the Guinness World Records this week.

41-year-old Mike Jack lives in London, Ontario, Canada. “I wanted to do something big,” he told The Washington Post.

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Mike never ate spicy food as a child. During his college life, he first tasted spicy sauces like Sriracha and Frank’s Redhot among other students in his hostel room. Although it was hot, Mike liked it very much.

Then Mike found the record of who ate the most peppers in one sitting. Saw, at an event in Australia, a person ate 25 of these varieties of pepper at once. Then Mike ate 30 chilies at a charity event for the Hunger Project.

On November 5th of last year, Mike hosted an event called Forked River Brewing Company in London, Ontario. Lal Genji sat down to eat wearing surgical gloves. 50 Carolina Reaper peppers placed on a plate in front of him on the table.

Then Mike started stuffing one pepper after another into his mouth. Each pepper of this variety is 200 times hotter than jalapeño pepper. Mike eats 8 peppers in one minute, 8 more in the next minute, 7 in the third minute, 6 in the fourth minute, 7 more in the fifth and sixth minutes. The plate was emptied before the seventh minute was over.

Mike didn’t stop after that. He finished another 100 chilies on two plates, which took 32 minutes. That day in 1 hour and 8 minutes he cut 135 peppers.

Toronto, Canada

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