Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Launch of a brand-new online Wildfire Hub to boost public safety and provide information on fire impacts

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The government is launching a new Wildfire Hub that makes it easier to find out about Yukons wildfire situation as well as potential impacts to residents and travelers

The Government of Yukon places a high priority on safeguarding citizens and strengthening the territory’s long-term response to wildfires. The Government of Yukon is launching a new online Wildfire Hub in response to feedback from the wildfire season in 2022. The goal of the Wildfire Hub is to make it easier to find information about the Yukon’s wildfire situation and potential effects on residents and visitors.

The hub is a collection of online resources that answer common inquiries about Yukon wildfires. It provides information about specific issues like smoke sources, road delays, and active fires in a particular area as well as a comprehensive picture of the fire situation. You can get to it by going to

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The Wildfire Hub also provides useful context on how the government manages fires to preserve the natural role that fire plays in wilderness areas of the boreal forest and maintain public safety near communities.

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