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Krishna-Utsava in Toronto

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Krishna Utsav has been organized in Toronto on Saturday September 2

On the occasion of the upcoming Janmashtami, a Krishna festival has been organized in Toronto on Saturday, September 2. On behalf of the Krishna devotees of Ontario, this event will focus on discussion, music, dance, poetry and much more, centered on the great personality of five thousand years ago, Sri Krishna, one of the greatest sons of mankind. Nandit two writers and presenters Chayan Das and Devanjana Mukherjee Bhowmik will be conducting the program.

Eminent thinker and writer Akbar Hossain will participate in the discussion titled ‘Gyan Granth Gita’ and researcher Sujit Kusum Pal will speak on ‘Impact of Bhagavad Gita in Western Literature’. On behalf of the organizers, Asim Bhowmik said that mainstream dignitaries associated with Bengali society have been invited to attend the event.

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Sonali Roy, Subhash Das, Dr. will perform music on Krishna. Mumtaz Mamata, Ruma Haque and Rita Chakraborty. Artistes of Bishnupriya community will perform kirtan on the occasion. Also two teenage artistes Tanisha Bhowmik and Kaninika Dutta will perform Krishna-music. Prominent tabla player Anjan Ghosh will play the tabla throughout the event.

Throughout the program there will be occasional dance performances centered on the life and teachings of Lord Krishna. Artists from Nritya Kala Kendra directed by Biplab Kar, artists from Nritya Jhangar Academy directed by Chitra Das, artists from Tarana Performing Arts directed by Paramita Tinni and Anindita Roy will participate in the dance performance.

Krishna Utsav will have an interesting quiz phase. Questions about Krishna’s family, history, philosophy and creation etc. will be asked in this episode. Teens aged 7 to 16 can participate. There will be attractive prizes. One of the organizers Pratima Sarkar said that the quiz episode will be conducted by community favorite Jyoti Dutta Purakayastha.

Nandit Bachik artists who will participate in readings from Krishna-Sahitya are Shekhar Gomez, Joachim Victor Gomez, Samina Chowdhury, Kamran Karim, Elina Mita, Biplab Som and Tasmina Khan. Apurba Roy will conduct the lesson.

Anup Sengupta will present Krishna on stage. Chhoto Krishna and Arjun will be played by Sarvabhaum Ray Majumdar Riddhi and Argha Dhar.
Another member of the organizing committee. Sushitl Singh Chowdhury said five members of the committee are working to make this event a success with a large number of people from the community.

The event will be held at Toronto Durgabadi located on Birchmount Road, Scarborough and will begin at 5 pm. On behalf of the organizers, Subrata Kumar Das said that this event will continue till 10 pm. He also said that there will be provision of prasad for everyone. He invited everyone irrespective of caste and religion to participate in this great event.

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