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Films of liberation war

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films of liberation war

The greatest achievement in our national life was getting independent Bangladesh through the liberation war. Bangladeshi films have been made in various times in the context of the liberation war. Today’s arrangement with those notable films.

1. Ora Egaro Jon
Released in 1972, this film is the first full-length film made in the context of the Liberation War. The story of the film is made in the background of the liberation war of 1971. Director Chashi Nazrul Islam. The producer was Masood Parvez who we know as Sohail Rana. The film also captured live scenes of the Liberation War. Besides, some scenes of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s historical speech on March 7 were also captured in the film. Khusru, Razzaq, Murad, Helal, Nantu, Altaf, Shabana, Nutan, Hasan Imam, Khalil, ATM Shamsuzzaman and others acted. Khosrow is highlighted the most in the film. The character is made with the fate of participating in the liberation war and returning. Nutan did a great job as Veerangana. ATM Shamanuzzaman also gave a great performance as Razakar. The film won the 1972 National Film Award.

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2. Arunodoyer Agnishakkhi
Released in 1972. Directed by Subhash Dutta. The tagline of the film was ‘Give dignity to abused women, welcome innocent children’. The story of the film starts in flashback from the story of Babita, a woman abused by the Pakistan army. She had a happy family with Ujjwal. Anwar Hossain came to the village for shooting. Then the unexpected happens. Pak army attacked. Anwar Hossain went back to Calcutta but continued to keep news of the liberation war. Once Bangladesh became independent and saw the Anand festival in Calcutta as well. Then again Anwar Hossain came to Bangladesh. Babita takes her son in her arms. He started the work of rehabilitating war casualties. Babita’s career was one of the best performances in this film. This film is one of the best documents of the liberation war to show the three important aspects of the liberation war, the independent country and the work of building a new country. The song ‘Mora Ek Phulke Bachab Kale Yudh Kari’ became very popular in the film.

3. Roktakto Bangla
Film released in 1972. Director Mumtaz Ali. The story of the film revolves around a sculptor becoming a freedom fighter and coming back from the liberation war to build a new Bangladesh. West Bengal actor Biswajit Chatterjee played the lead role. Biswajit was the father of popular actor Prosenjit. On the contrary, the grave. Sultana as his sister. The song ‘O Dadabhai Murthy Banao’ in Sultana’s lip became hugely popular then. Ghulam Mustafa, Khalil, Roshan Jamil were in three important roles. Roshan Jamil does not get his son back but Biswajit returns from the liberation war. Biswajit wants to forget the pain of losing his son. The film was criticized for showing lengthy rape scenes.

4. Dhire Bohe Meghna
Released in 1973. Director Alamgir Kabir. In 2002, this film was ranked eighth in the British Film Institute’s list of South Asian films. Starring Babita, Hasu Banerjee, Golam Mostafa, Khalil etc.

5. Abar Tora Manush Ho
Released in 1973. Director Khan Ataur Rahman. Starring Babita, Farooq, Asad, Khan Ata, Rozi Afsari, Roshan Jamil etc. The film was a satire. Even after taking part in the liberation war, many of the freedom fighters in the independent country got busy to get their benefits. By showing them symbolically, the director invited them to become human again. The story of the film shows the moral problems of the youth who participated in the Liberation War of Bangabani College after the Liberation War. The film was controversial and the director’s position was also questioned.

6. Sangram
Released in 1974. Director Chashi Nazrul Islam. According to the director, this is his best film. Khusru, Suchanda, Nutan, Farooq, Hasan Imam, Darashiko, Khalil etc. In this film, the ground scenes of operations and exercises in the liberation war are shown. For a long time these processes have been shown in pictures to get the correct idea. A group of Damal boys became freedom fighters, the reality of liberation camps, the captivity of women in the hands of Pak forces, and defeating them with tactics are shown. There is a touching scene of the freedom fighter’s body hanging on the barbed wire. Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman acted in the film. He was persuaded. The shooting took place in Pilkhana, Dhaka. This was the scene where Bangabandhu would take the salute and Khusru and other freedom fighters would salute him. The film is notable for featuring Bangabandhu.

7. Megher Onek Rong
Released in 1976. This is the first color picture of the Liberation War. Directed by Harunor Rashid. A woman tortured in the war of liberation committed suicide by sending her son to his father. Father was a doctor of freedom fighters in the liberation war. When the father starts a new life with his son, the second wife cannot accept it. Misunderstandings cause the boy to leave and then return through them. Adnan excelled in the role of a child actor and won the National Award for Best Child Actor. The film won the National Film Award.

8. Kalmilata
Released in 1981. Directed by Shahidul Haque Khan. Sohail Rana, Bulbul Ahmed, Kabri, Suchanda, Ilyas Kanchan, Master Shakeel, Rosie Afsari, Roshan Jamil, Golam Mostafa and others. The war of liberation began in the peaceful village of Sunibir. The boys joined the Liberation War. A little boy shows infinite bravery and goes to blow up the bridge of the Pak Army. Then he was shot dead while climbing from the river. Commander Sohail Rana comes to mother with her body. Master Shakeel was impeccable in the role of a child artist.

9. Ekattorer Jishu
Released in 1993. Directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuf. Humayun Faridi in the lead role, Piyush Banerjee, Zaheer Uddin Peer, Abul Khair, Shahiduzzaman Salim in other roles. Desmond, the caretaker of the church, looked after the freedom fighters when the liberation war broke out in the village. Towards the end of the war, the freedom fighters were caught by the Pak forces during an ambush. When asked about their identities, Desmond lies to save his life. Then the freedom fighters were crucified in front of his eyes. Desmond can’t forgive himself. Humayun Faridi was excellent as Desmond. The Crucifixion is the most touching part of the film. The film won the National Film Award in the Best Dialogue category. In addition, he was nominated in various film festivals.

10. Aguner Poroshmoni
Released in 1994. Director Humayun Ahmed. The film is based on the novel of the same name. The film tells the story of a family trapped in a government official’s house during the liberation war. There comes a freedom fighter and the story of the film changes dramatically. Asaduzzaman Noor was excellent as a freedom fighter. Abul Hayat, Bipasha Hayat, Sheela Ahmed, Dolly Zahoor, Putul, Mozammel Hossain, Dilara Zaman, Saleh Ahmed are all excellent in other roles. The production of the film was perfect. There was perfect use of suspense and background music. The film won National Film Awards in 8 categories. It was screened at the Bangladeshi Film Festival in Kolkata in 2011.

11. Nodir Naam Modhumoti
Released in 1995. Directed by Tanveer Mokammel. Taukeer Ahmed, Ali Zaker, Sara Zaker, Asad, Afsana Mimi, Abul Khair, Ramendu Mazumder, Amirul Haque Chowdhury and others in the acting. While the freedom fighter Taukeer is struggling for the country, on the other hand, his father Ali joins hands with the Pak Army. Taukeer kills Rajaka’s father by shooting himself at the end and then crosses Madhumati. Nice picture. Received National Film Awards in three categories.

12. Ekhono Onek Raat
Released in 1997. Director and producer Khan Ataur Rahman. Acting Farooq, Sucharita, Aliraj, Agun, Babita, Khan Ata, Bulbul Ahmed, Sharmili Ahmed etc. The story of the film about the liberation war and the social reality after the liberation war. How much freedom there is in a free country was the theme of the film. Important parts of the film were shot at Pabna Mental Hospital. Director Khanata was furious when the Censor Board dropped 7 scenes of the film. He could not see the release of the film. The film won National Film Awards in two categories.

13. Hangor Nodi Grenade
One of the best films of liberation war released in 1997. Director Chashi Nazrul Islam. A film based on Selina Hossain’s novel of the same name. The novel is based on the true story of a mother in Jessore. Satyajit Roy once praised Selina Hossain’s novel in a letter and talked about making a film but it was not possible due to political reasons. Later Chashi Nazrul Islam did the work. The story was about a mother sacrificing her child for a freedom fighter in the context of the liberation war. Sucharita’s role as mother is impeccable and this is her best film. Vijay Chowdhury was also excellent in the role of the disabled boy. Sohail Rana, Sharmili Ahmed, Dodul, Antara, Mizu Ahmed are all excellent in other roles. The film won the National Film Award that year. Best director Chashi Nazrul Islam, actress Sucharita, best storyteller Selina Hossain. However, Vijay Chowdhury deserved the best actor award for his role.

14. The Clay Bird
Released in 2002. Director Tarek Masood. Internationally released and critically acclaimed film. Starring Jayant Chatterjee, Rokeya Prachi, Nurul Islam Bablu, Russell Farazi. The film is based on the real life experiences of the director. The problem of orthodox religious consciousness is mainly shown in the film in the context of the liberation war. While Anu’s character studies in a madrasa, he also meets moderate opportunistic people. Similarly, father and mother have different ideologies at home. Father Jayant is religiously orthodox and wife Rokeya Prachi believes in independence. The characters of the film are great in the conflict between religion and consciousness. The Censor Board declared the film controversial, leading to a lawsuit. Later, the film was shown by court order. It was the first film from Bangladesh to be nominated for an Oscar.

15. Joyjatra
2004 photo. Amjad Hossain’s novel ‘Abellar Asmay’ is directed by Tauqeer Ahmed. Mahfuz Ahmed, Bipasha Hayat, Azizul Hakim, Abul Hayat, Humayun Faridi, Tariq Anam, Saleh Ahmed, Shahed, Intekhab Dinar, Romana, Chandni etc. The story of the film tells the story of a group of people who fought with their lives by sea during the liberation war. The film won National Film Awards in 8 categories.

16. Shyamol Chhaya
2004 photo. Director Humayun Ahmed. He made the film from his own novel. Like ‘Jayatra’, the story of the film is the battle of life of a group of people by sea during the liberation war. Challenger, Tania Ahmed, Riaz, Shaon, Shimul, Farooq Ahmed, Ejazul Islam, Swadhin Khosru, Humayun Faridi, Shamima Nazneen, Rahmat Ali etc. Many are seen debating whether the boat used in the film was appropriate for the era of the Liberation War.

17. Clouds After Cloud
2004 photo. Director Chashi Nazrul Islam. Film based on the novel ‘Ferrari Surya’ by Rabeya Khatun. The story of the film is about the story of Razaka and freedom fighter in the liberation war. The film proceeds with the dual reality of Razaka Majed and freedom fighter Cezanne. Riyaz has done a wonderful performance in a dual role. Poornima, Mahfuz, Khaleda Akter Kalpana, Shahidul Alam Sacchu etc. in other roles.

18. Dhrubotara
2006 photo. Director Chashi Nazrul Islam. A family story about the liberation war and its aftermath. The song ‘If You Want To’ became popular. The film has Ferdous, Moushumi, Helal Khan in lead roles.

19. Ostittey Amar Desh
Photo of 2007. Directed by Khizir Hayat Khan. A film based on the biography of Birshrestha Matiur Rahman. The parallel story in the film shows the bold steps taken by Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman and a young dreamer. Khizir had Hayat Khan in the role of Bir Shrestha. Shashi as wife Milli. Birshrestha Motiur’s wife Mili Rahman also acted in the film.

20. Rabeya
2008 photo. Directed by Tanveer Mokammel. After the death of the freedom fighter brother, his body was prevented from being buried. Then sister Rabeya goes to see her brother’s dead body and under the circumstances she has to be shot and martyred. Banya Mirza in the lead role. Saeed Babu, Masum Aziz and others in other roles.

21. Guerrilla
Film made in 2011. The best film of liberation war made in terms of technique. Directed by Nasir Uddin Yusuf. In addition to the role of guerrilla forces in the liberation war, many realities are shown. It has been shown that the Razakar forces were involved in many crimes like raping, looting, slaughtering together with the Pak forces. Jaya Ahsan, ATM Shamsuzzaman, Shatabdi Wadud have given excellent performances. The film won National Awards in 10 categories and Merrill Prothom Alo Award in 4 categories.

22. Amar Bondhu Rashed
Photo of 2011. Director Morshedul Islam. Film based on Muhammad Zafar Iqbal’s novel. The story of the film is about the role of a brave student in the liberation war. The film proceeds through the narration of the student’s teenage friend who is narrating the story of his friend Rashed to his son. Chowdhury Jawata Afnan in the lead role. Asad in other roles, Dr. Inamul Haque, Homaira Himu, Piyush Banerjee, Waheeda Mallick Jolly etc. There are mixed feelings among the audience about the film.

23. Meherjaan
Photo of 2011. Director Rubaiyat Hossain. In the war of liberation, a member of the Pak army came to fight for his ideals and stopped seeing a different reality. He saves the life of an abused girl and falls in love with her. The film was criticized for its storyline. Starring Jaya Bachchan, Shaina Amin, Humayun Faridi, Victor Banerjee and others.

24. Meghmallar
Photo of 2014. Directed by Zahidur Rahim Anjan. Film made from story ‘Raincoat’ by Akhtaruzzaman Ilyas. The name of the film was changed because there was a Hindi film by Rituparna Ghosh. The specialty of the film is that it is not directly showing the image of the liberation war, but it is meant in form and gesture. The film won National Film Awards in 5 categories.

25. Jibondhuli
Photo of 2014. Directed by Tanveer Mokammel. The film is based on the life story of a drummer during the liberation war. Dhuli plays drums for his livelihood in various events. His life changed in the liberation war. Shatabdi Wadud in lead role with Jyothika Jyoti, Chitralekha Guha, Waheeda Mallick Jolly in other roles.

26. Anil Bagchir Ekdin
Photo of 2015. Film made by Morshedul Islam from the story of Humayun Ahmed. Anil of Hindu religion was captured by Pak forces in the war of liberation. When one of his companions asked him to identify himself as a Muslim, he refused, identified himself and died as a result. In the last scene of the film, Anil wants to see Jochna before he dies. Aref Syed in the lead role is excellent. Other roles were Gazi Rakayet, Misha Saudagar. The film won National Film Awards in 6 categories and Meryl Prothom Alo Award in 2 categories.

27. Rupsha Nodir Banke
Released in 2020, directed by Tanveer Mokammel, the liberation war has come partially. In this film of four decades of history, the liberation war has come as a context.

Apart from these, more films were made in the context of the liberation war. Among them, two documentary films ‘Muktir Gan’ and ‘Muktir Katha’ directed by Tarek Masud and Catherine Masud are one. In 1971, American filmmaker Lear Levine recorded the daily activities of a cultural group called ‘Bangladesh Mukti Sangamri Shilpi Sanstha’ on celluloid. It was made from footage recovered in the 1990s. That was released in 1995 as ‘Song of Mukti’.

In 1999, Mukti Katha was released. For 4 years, a group of young projectionists traveled from village to village in the country and exhibited pictures of the Liberation War. While showing, more unknown history comes out in the mouth of many people. The documentary film of those words became ‘Mukti Katha.’ Manik Manbik’s ‘Shovan’s Freedom’ (2015), Shamim Akhtar’s ‘Reena Brown’ (2017), Hridi Haque’s ‘1971: Those Days’ are the last three films. The last of these is a liberation war film made in a modern presentation.

Some songs taken from the movie Liberation War:

  • O Amar Desher Mati – Ora Egaro Jon
  • Ek Sagor Rokter Binimoye – Ora Egaro Jon
  • Amay Ekti Khudiram Dao – Ora Egaro Jon
  • Bichaarapti tomaar bichaar karbe yaaraa – Sangram
  • Mora Ekti Fulke Bachabo Bole – Arunodoyer Agnishakkhi
  • Ek Nodi Rokto Periye – Abar Tora Manush Ho
  • Ei Desh Ei Desh Amar Ei Desh – Roktakto Bangla
  • Fire Aye Bacha Amar – Roktakto Bangla
  • Dhono Dhanno Pushpe Bhora – Amar Jonmobhumi
  • Aguner Poroshmoni – Aguner Poroshmoni
  • Shikal Vangar Gaan Geye Jai – Hangor Nodi Grenade
  • Ei Padma Ei Meghna – Nodir Naam Modhumoti
  • Amra Surjota Kere Enechi – Ekhono Onek Raat
  • Jodi Ar Dekha Nai Hoy – Ekhono Onek Raat
  • Jadi jante chao – Dhrubotara
  • Ostittey Amar Desh – Ostittey Amar Desh
  • Bolo Beer Bolo Unnata Momo Shir – Guerrilla

Liberation war is our highest national achievement. There is a mixed reaction among the audience about the films made on the liberation war. Even after all these years of independence, films in this category have been criticized for their overall low and mediocre quality. Production of such films has become challenging in today’s times. Even then, the liberation war film production is the demand of the generation.

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